16 Harmful Things You Should Never Do to Your Dog

Pet owners may believe they know everything about grooming and nurturing an animal, but mistakes are bound to happen. That’s because we are never taught how to take care of animals and train them appropriately. That’s why we sometimes indulge in routines or habits that could pose harm to our beloved pets instead of ensuring their optimum welfare.

This is why it is important to understand how to care for a pet. Regardless of the breed of dog, it is essential to remember that their needs and grooming requirements may vary, and you must learn to identify and satisfy them. If we don’t take care of this issue, the only one that will suffer is your pet. This article is a must-read for all pet owners as we have listed the sixteen most harmful habits that could harm your pet’s well-being.

Forcefully Training the Pet

Forced training is a huge mistake, no matter how important you consider it for the betterment of your pet. Undoubtedly, well-intentioned individuals often face the challenge of training their dogs the right way. Usually, we get impatient and look for quick results. While some canines can be forthcoming, others may struggle during training.

We cannot treat every dog in the same way. There are personality trait differences that channel every dog’s behavior. Once we accept this aspect, training the dog will become much easier. Still, dictating and dominating your canine should be strictly avoided. This outdated dog training strategy can cause unnecessary pain and stress to the pet. Moreover, it can tarnish your image in the dog’s mind and damage your relationship. That’s definitely not what you want, right?

Feeding Irregularities

Irregular bowel movements and indigestion are among the leading and most common issues related to dogs’ health. Most veterinarians agree that these issues can make the canine distressed and significantly impact its behavior. One of the reasons behind digestion-related issues is that dog owners feed them various snacks and do not follow a regular dietary routine.

In this regard, the best line of action would be to take your dog to the vet and get them checked thoroughly. Then ask the vet to suggest the ideal diet for your canine, keeping their breed, weight, and overall health status in mind. This is a perfect strategy to prevent the dog from experiencing diarrhea often and prevent them from stress and anxiety.

Avoiding the Vet

As we mentioned earlier, visiting the veterinarian is essential for your pet’s better health and welfare. Dogs may appear all active and fine, but there could be underlying health issues that you may only detect once the symptoms appear or the condition intensifies. Consider your pet a vital member of your family, just as your spouse, parents, and children. Think about their well-being in the same manner.

Just like we visit the doctor every six months or once a year to ensure everything is fine, in the same way, you should regularly take your dog to the vet and never skip any appointment. Believe it or not, this simple act can ensure the health and safety of your furry friend. Vets can administer vaccines and identify dental issues as well. These issues may cost you more if they get aggravated. So, treating your dog’s health issue as soon as it is diagnosed is better. And, to ensure this, you must take them to the vet often.

Excessive Kindness

While trying to train your dog to let them know you are the alfa, dominating your dog in a violent or aggressive manner towards them is never a good idea. Also, it is not a good idea either to be overtly kind or extra lenient with them, because then they will know they can get away with murder. The best approach is to let them know they can never get away with bad behavior; violence must never be tolerated.

Suppose your dog exhibits lousy behavior, like he gets too aggressive with people around or other animals, barking loudly and frequently, jumping on people, digging into the ground, and chewing yours or others’ clothes. In that case, these are all examples of bad behavior. This can be frustrating, but you don’t have to tolerate it. Teach the dog how to behave publicly and help them undergo behavioral training. It is for their welfare, after all.

Insufficient Physical Activities/Exertion

Dogs are social creatures and love to live active and lively lives. That’s something you cannot change. Consider them just like children who want to have fun all the time. Having a pet dog is like having a little kid who likes to indulge in physical activities. But, the problem begins due to their guardian’s busy lifestyle.

A lack of social interactivity and physical exertion, such as exercises or playtime, is detrimental to your dog’s health and well-being. Such activities are vital for stimulating their mental and physical development. If you don’t take your pet out for a walk or allow them to have some healthy play time, they might get sick and withdrawn. Fetching, puzzle feeding, and hide and seek are some activities that dog like the most.