1970s Hollywood Stars Taking A Break

Let’s take a moment and think that it is 1970’s all over again. You are strolling down the streets in London, or maybe Venice, or Florence, and you see some well-known celebrity there in nothing but a short and a vest, roller-skating or sunbathing topless at some nice beach. This is because they were actually taking a break from work and just living their lives while still being followed by the paparazzi. That’s the price of fame for these actors and actresses

When you have attained stardom, is it even possible to have any kind of privacy? The answer is no. Back in the 1970s, only the press and paparazzi would follow these celebrities. Today, with everyone readily able to snap a photo, life would have been much different for these 1970s icons. Have a look at these photos and notice yourself how their eyes talk about the delight of a nice vacation with a glint of devilishness!

Sylvestor and his best bud

Already grabbing a tissue? Wait, because it gets even sweeter. 1971 was a tough year for Stallone and his doggie. We were both, thin, hungry, and living in a flophouse above a subway stop, I used to say this apartment had… Hot and cold running roaches.”

 “When I was 26, totally broke, going nowhere VERY fast, owned two pair of pants that barely fit, shoes that had holes in them and dreams of being successful were as far away as the sun… But I had my dog, BUTKUS, my best friend, my confidant, who always laughed at my jokes, and put up with my moods, and was the one living thing that loved me for who I was!”

“When things got even worse I had to sell him for $40 in front of a 7-Eleven store, because I couldn’t afford food, then like a modern day miracle, the screenplay for Rocky sold, and I could buy him back, but the new owner knew I was desperate, and charged me $15,000 … He was worth every penny!”

Sly Stallone

Hugh Hefner, 1970

Hugh Hefner and Barbi Benton are clicked in coastal Miami for this iconic photograph. A dashing Hugh Hefner is holding his freshly hunted prey while Barbi is standing beside him, proud of her beau. Barbi and Hugh Hefner dated for almost seven years when she was just twenty-four years old. When Hugh asked her out on a date, she said that she had never dated anyone older than twenty-four, to which he replied, “neither have I.”

She appeared on four Playboy magazine covers but was never a Playmate of the month. She was at the time of her prime, one of the most iconic beauties and the face of the 1970s

Leonard Nimoy and his family

This Leonard Nimoy and wife, Sandi and their two kids, including his mother doing the Vulgan salute in 1970. Leonard Nimoy play Spock in the Star Trek franchise for nearly fifty years. Star Trek debut in 1964 and has been a science fiction hit series with multiple spin off shows and movies since it first launch. Here we see a softer side of Spock (at home with his family) just keeping it cool

Bill Gates’ mugshot in 1977

Only Bill Gates, who became one of the richest men on earth, can smile as cheekily as he gets his mug shot taken. However, when this photo was taken, Bill Gates was a nobody… he was not a famous entrepreneur at the time, and maybe his playful and risk-taking nature made him the man he is today

Robbin Williams-  1974

What a remarkable coincidence! Who knew that the esteemed photographer Daniel Sorine would capture the comedy genius, Robin Williams, before the prime of his life, working as a mime in New York’s Central Park? This photo was taken in 1974… at the moment when Robin Williams was discovered.

Maureen McCormick in 1979

The oldest member of the Brady clan, Maureen’  Marcia’ McCormick, had a reputation of the ultimate girl-next-door. This photo from the 1970s shows her partying at a disco roller-skate party with her friends, including the dashing Shaun Cassidy, Patrick Swayze and his wife Cindy

Farrah Fawcett in the 1970s

Though Farrah Fawcett is technically ‘working’ as in she’s on a photoshoot campaign for a pair of sneakers for a then relatively new athletic shoe company based in Oregon called Nike… we see Farrah Fawcett having a lot of fun skateboarding. Farrah was the most popular and most desirable woman in the 1970s. Pretty much every teenage boy and college guys had her poster pasted in every bedroom and dorm rooms across America.

Princess Diana in the 1970s

Diana, the first wife of Prince Charles, mother of Duke of Cambridge Prince William and Duke of Sussex Prince Harry, and Princess of Wales, is still remembered as the People’s princess. This photo shows Diana in her teens playing her favorite sports tennis barefoot.She was a regular attendee at the Wimbledon games and was even rumored to be dating the Serbian tennis player Slobodan Živojinovic. However, Diana squashed the rumors when she married the Prince of Wales, Charles.

Calvin Klein, Steve Rubell, Brooke Shields & Andy Warhol in 1979

Studio 54 used to be a hip and happening nightclub in New York back in the 1970s and 1980s. Now it is replaced by Broadway Theatre. Almost all top celebrities visited this hotspot, including Brooke Shields, Calvin Klein, Andy Warhol, and Steve Rubell

Arnold Schwarzenegger- Circa 1977

Years or rather decades before becoming the 38th Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was interested in weightlifting. Since the age of 15, he’s been lifting weights and even won the title of Mr. Universe at 20. Later, he won the Mr. Olympia contest for as many as seven times, which is a record. This hilarious photograph shows him flaunting his super-human strength as he teasingly tosses the two divers overboard. Here we see him on his off-time wrestling a lion. No biggy for Mr. Olympia.

Robin Williams and his bomber jacket

The picture was taken when the American stand-up guru was enjoying the Basketball at a high school in Beverly Hills in 1979. The olive-green bomber jacket was giving him no less than an iconic look of late 70s. And, more or less, his outfit was making the most of the occasion

Professional dancer turned actors roller-skater

Can anyone guess the name of these lovebirds? Oh yes! That’s Patrick Swayze taking his wife, Lisa, to a night long roller-skating ride. How cute it is, seeing these two making love with each other in L.A streets. The photo was taken in October 1979

 Battle of the Network Stars 

The 1976 Lynda Carter competed in the Battle of the Network Stars series which ran from 1976 to 1988…because after all she was the original Wonder Woman. Her team consist of Penny Marshall, Farrah Fawcett and Ron Howard. Her team won that first year the inaugural contest but then they had divine super powers on their side.

Lauren is out for groceries

No one can feel as comfortable in shopping for groceries as the way Lauren Hutton had been doing in this picture. How is it possible that Lauren Hutton, at the time one of the hottest and most bookable model can make picking up a baguette look so chic? The picture was taken at a street bakery in New York in 1977 and it clearly shows Hutton was a queen of the times

Jane Birkin shines under the sun

Sun kissed Jane Birkin shows us how much she enjoyed her holiday on Cote D’ Azur. The picture was taken in July 1973. This the French actress for whom the infamous Hermes Birkin handbag that celebrities and the super rich accessorized their arms with. Yes, the story goes, she was on a flight with one of the head designer of Hermes and complained that her Kelly (named after Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco) bag was just too small to carry anything of importance… and this was the birth of the Birkin handbag

Robert Redford on a ski holiday

Utah Park City ski resorts look great even more when Hollywood stars like Redford come to live in it. The picture was taken when Robert went for a ski holiday in Park City, Utah… he loved it so much that he no only moved there permanently but he soon developed the Sundace Film Festival which had it’s debut just one year later, in 1978.

Jacqueline Kennedy Enjoying Her Vacations Strolling Around

It is not easy to roam in streets for stars—especially, for someone as pretty and iconic as Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis. But this picture of her taken in ‘70s shows us she can manage it well even in the busy streets of Capri in Italy. She’s just like everybody else… only she’s Jackie O.

A day on Almeria beach

Taking a sun bath on a sunny day, on a beach like that of Almeria in Spain—what else one can ask for from life! The picture is of Brigitte Bardot and Patrick, who are having their relaxing moments in Almeria in the 70’s.

Faye Dunaway with her Academy Award

The feeling of joy after having your dream comes true is unmatchable. This picture of Faye Dunaway was taken the morning after the Academy Awards 1977 for her role in the movie Network. Here we see Faye relaxing in front of a pool at Beverly Hills Hotel with her Best actress academy award, relieved that she won..is a clear representation of that feeling.

Paul Newman and his son Scott

The famous film actor and race car driver, Paul Newman is enjoying a car race in Ontario with his son Scott. The picture was taken on September 3rd of 1972. Sadly Scott died from a drug overdose of painkillers, alcohol and valium in 1978 after suffering from an almost fatal motorcycle accident. Scott was Paul Newman’s only son and the lost he felt from losing his son was devastating until the day he died. “There’s nothing you can say that will repair my guilt about Scott. It will be with me as long as I live.

Arnold – the Bold One

Arnold can make a show of his muscles at any place. Take an example of this picture when he was playing shirtless in a celebrity tennis match

Maggie is having a quality time

Want to have fun with family? Try playing jumping rope on a beach. Just like Maggie Smith is playing with her husband and kids on Malibu beach of L.A in 1971

Roger Moore and Barbara Bach

The stars of one of the James Bond movies, Roger Moore and Barbara pose smashingly on a Lotus Esprit in 1977. The picture was when they were together in the 1977 movie, The Spy Who Loved Me. Barbara was the Russian spy Major Anya Amasova.

Rip Torn, his brown Shearling, and Cigarette

This picture of Rip torn was taken in February 1973, while he was enjoying the winters in his light brown shearling as he kept on smoking his cigarette.

Andy is shopping with his model friend

Andy Warhol and his friend and the famous model, Jane Forth, give a flashy look while shopping for makeup items in New York Ciy sometimes in the 1970s. Andy being Andy, always looks a bit disheveled.

Prince of Monaco with his family

The picture is of Prince of Monaco, Rainier, with his charming wife Grace Kelly in their self-owned Ski resort in Switzerland. Both of the personalities are having great family time, as their daughters Caroline and Stephanie are present there too

Jack Nicholson and Cuban Cigar

Here comes the famous villain of Hollywood, Jack Nicholson, with his Cuban cigar and a careless attitude. The picture was taken when the International Film Festival of 1974 was going on

Neil deGrasse Tyson in 1973

Before smartphones and selfie-cams were invented, the young Tyson was keen on taking selfies, and this picture is proof of that. The astrophysicist was born and brought up in the Bronx and had a penchant for science and technology from a young age. Tyson is regarded as the most influential and brightest intellectuals of all time

Jane Fonda on a French Balcony

Jane Fonda poses aesthetically on a balcony of her hotel room in Cannes. The picture was taken in 1978, when she was on a holiday

Farrah in the garden

No one wants to miss a sunny day without taking a sunbath. Not at least, Farrah!

A day well-spent with the Queen

The picture of the monarchs of England was taken, when Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Phillip were enjoying each other’s company on their wedding anniversary. The location was Balmoral, based in Scotland and the date was 1972

A ride with Frank Sinatra

The famous American producer much celebrated singer is taking his girlfriend on a golf cart ride in Palm Springs in 1971. Later on, his girlfriend Barbara Marx became his wife from 1976 to his death in 1998. Frank loves to golf and the women in Frank’s life have to love it too… luckily for Barbara Max, she loved to golf too.

Steve McQueen’s long drive

The picture was taken after Steve McQuee, he ‘King of Coo,” completed his romantic ride with his then wife, Neil Adams, on Beverly Hills station in 1970.

Barbara is having family time

The mother, Barbra Streisand is enjoying the company of her little son Jason at New York based theatre for a 1971 show of Willi Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Steve Martin stranded on Airport

Steve Martin is giving his famous comedian look to the camera as he and his wife Bernadette Peters are waiting for a taxi in the passenger lounge of Aspen Airport Colorado. The picture was taken during the winter season of 1977. Although he seemed a bit annoyed of having his pictures taken when all he wants to do is just to wait for a darn taxi.

Valentino and his killer looks

The Italian fashion designer, the one name Valentino shows a relaxed posture while being photographed, and looks classy as ever amongst a herd of…. sheep. Yes, only the great Valentino and make this photo look fashionable as he’s all decked out in a very chick snow outfit complete with fur boots. The picture was taken on his holiday trip to a famous ski resort of Switzerland in 1977.

Audrey Hepburn and Rome

Strolling on the streets of Rome is never a bad idea. Audrey Hepburn and her then husband Andrea were having a stroll down the street alley of Rom in the 1970s and somehow this simple movement that every body does every day, Audrey Hepburn makes it look so chic and effortless

The Excited Goldie Hawn

It looks like Goldie Hawn was having a great time at the airport. The photo was taken when she was waiting for her flight in 1970. Give it Goldie Hawn for making the best of every situation, even that at the airport. Then again, it was an exciting time for Goldie… she was at the top of her game as her career was about to take off like an….airplane.

Night out with Sylvestor Stallone

Sylvester took his then wife, Sasha Czak, on a night out in New York City. Sasha Czak is completely smitten by him when this photo was taken of the two lovebirds just enjoying a night out. The picture shows that everything went fine and they were thankful for having each other’s love.

Robert Wagner in Palm Springs

The picture shows that the famous man is having fun with his two female friends in Palm springs. The picture was taken when Robert was watching a tennis match in 1970

A night walk of Elizabeth and John Taylor

The couple is experiencing a strong love bond as they stroll from shops to shops at night, through a small town in Switzerland in 1977.

The Good Alfred Cycling Around

Pretty old to ride a bicycle. But it’s Alfred Hitchcock, he knows no age limits and enjoys South France bay in 1972. Well we see that Alfred was complying to bicycling signals as this photo taken right when he’s about to make a right turn… that or he may just like the cool air of the South of France breezing through this fingers.

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