Top 20 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World

Roughly four million people are bitten by dogs annually even though dogs are typically friendly creatures and are commonly kept as pets. Still, it is difficult to identify which dog breed is harmful without proper research. Many dog breeds dubbed dangerous for humans were developed for aggressive uses like home defense and hunting.

It simply implies that they are more inclined than other dog breeds to become violent if they receive inadequate treatment, according to the Journal of the JAVMA (American Veterinary Association), which conducted a study for around 20 years. So, it is essential to remember that a dog’s behavior is influenced by how he is nurtured and treated and the environment in which he lives. For your convenience, we are listing some highly dangerous dog breeds. 

20. Labrador: 

Labradors are friendly, laid-back, and affectionate dogs. However, these canines can be extremely deadly if they are not adequately educated and cared for. Per the information in the Merritt Clifton Dog Bite Statistics, 56 assaults that caused severe harm occurred during 1982-2014. Seventeen of those people were kids.

This breed was held responsible for fatally injuring an individual during this period. A 3-year-old toddler suffered extremely significant facial injuries in 2011 after being attacked by this breed. The owner must ensure their pet Labrador is adequately socialized and comforted like any other dog. Defending against lethal attacks is possible when they are treated appropriately.

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