20 Richest Drug Dealers In History

We all see drug dealers in the movies, and how they are portrayed is that they are very intelligent and strategic people, who would do anything to sell some cocaine, heroin, or any type of drug. Despite the fact that they will kill, kidnap, and will do anything to earn some dollars, these movies show the real faces and truth behind all these drug dealers do

Today in this article, we will see the top 20 real-life drug dealers, who were nothing more than real-life villains, who not only destroyed thousands of lives around the globe but also earned more dollars than the common folks will only dream of. We always see names like Al Capone, Pablo Escobar, and many other drug dealers but let’s see who they were and how much they made from their illegal lives

Frank Lucas: 52 Million USD

He bought heroin from the Golden Triangle directly and thus became a successful drug trafficker. Golden Triangle was the most extensive area for producing heroin before Afghanistan. He would smuggle drugs and heroin to The US, hiding them in coffins working as a deceased serviceman. He was portrayed in the movie American Gangster by Denzel Washington. The movie was based on his life, how he operated the drugs, and how he became one of the biggest drug traffickers.

He would sell narcotics himself in the streets and became very famous as a drug dealer. He, at one point, bought properties in almost all of the US. He was arrested eventually and was sentenced 70 years of prison life. He served 12 years in prison, and then he has put in witness protection. He is featured in Drug lords and American Gangster by Netflix.

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