25 Rarely Seen First Photographs Ever Taken of Things

Photography has become an ingrained part of our lives and culture as whole that it seems surreal to think about the first ever photographs captured. In contemporary times, as everyone owns at least one smart phone, taking pictures becomes an incredibly easy task. We can snap many exceptional pictures now all with a mere touch of our finger on the screen.

Yet it is quite captivating to think and have a look at the very first pictures ever captured which are the pictures of different objects, entities and humans. These photographs also display a significant fact that how far the technological advancements have changed the nature of photography. We can produce high resolution photographs. Let’s witness the first photographs taken over time.

The First Photo Ever Taken

Astoundingly, there is only one known copy of the first photograph ever captured. Back in the day, due to lack of high tech taking a duplicate of the first photo was out of question. The photo was taken through a heliographic process, a Greek word from helios meaning “sun”, and graphein meaning “writing”. This technique is called heliography.

The pioneer of heliography, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce who was also the photographer of the first known photo, captured this photograph while looking through his window at the visible street below him in Burgundy, France. If we look closely or zoom in at the photo, only the side of house and a tree can be found in the image.

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