25 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time

Wrestling is one of the most liked combat sport involving a grappling technique. A wrestler must have a complete talent to be memorized years after years. They always entertain us by risking their lives and everyone in the world love these superstars how they perform when they leave part of their souls every time they wrestle Everyone has a favourite wrestler, but the top wrestlers with their outstanding wrestling careers are mentioned here.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The appearance of Stone Cold Steve Austin is a complete role modal of stone-cold as His personality perfectly matches his name. He called himself as the “toughest S.O.B”, Which is Believable as he had a rugged look.  Relying on his excellent looks, he gained popularity with his stunning and handsome character. His work is believable, using ring work and picking a hard-hitting and intense style.

His famous “Austin 3:16” promo really delivered, Austin’s popularity gained the high gear of king of the ring. He is the only WWE superstar as he won six WWE championships in his career. He drew the highest pay-per-view buy-rates and television ratings in wrestling history. In that case, Austin was the face of the “Attitude Era”. Shortly, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the blue-Collar warrior for the common man, a very energetic and robust superstar one can ever be seen in his life. 

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