28 Bizarre Women You Won’t Believe Exist

As humans, we are all unique in our way. Uniqueness can manifest itself in many different ways. From physical characteristics to quirks of behavior, each one of us is unique. The world’s population is vast and diverse, so what you think is truly strange may be quite normal somewhere else.

The women of today are breaking new ground across all industries. It’s incredible what they can do, and these facts prove that we must never hold ourselves back no matter what hurdles we’re facing.

 These amazing women have all taken a different approach to success, but they’ve all managed to do what they love and make a name for themselves.

Let’s meet the unusual women of the world.

Ericka Ervin

Ericka Ervin is a professional fitness trainer, actress, and spokesperson. She’s ranked among the Top 10 “Tallest Women of America”, she’s also a two-time Guinness World Record-holder. Her height has not deterred her from a blossoming career in the fitness industry. Ericka Ervin is among the tallest women in the country.

There’s a particular collection of women who have garnered notoriety for being a bit odd – but they all have their fan base. Some have incredible skills and talents; some live their lives in a way that makes us sit up and take not. The truth is that each of them has made an impact on our lives, either through their remarkable habits or because we can’t seem to look away from what they do.

Aimee Mullins

Aimee Mullins was born with a genetic disorder called fibular hemimelia. She had her legs amputated by a strange disease. Despite the amputation, she didn’t give up, rather she focused on the sport to become the first person ever to participate in the NCCA with amputated legs

During the 1996 Paralympics, she set world records and became the first double amputee to compete in NCAA Division 1 track. She earned a major in diplomacy at Boston College, while also working as an ambassador for world peace. She eventually made her way into acting and recently was seen as the Leopard Queen in Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle. In her free time, Ms. Mullins is currently involved with M.I.T.

Valeria Lukyanova

Human perfection has been a goal for many people throughout history, but few have been able to reach this unattainable goal. In that, Ukrainian-born Aleksandra Lukyanova strives to perfect the human figure through the latest surgical advances.  We all know that Valeria Lukyanova is among the most popular Barbie look. Her long blonde hair, blue eyes, amazing figure, and her obsession for plastic surgery have made her among the most widely recognized beauties in the world.

Valeria was born in 1985 and gained a worldwide following after posting her Barbie lookalike pictures. In 2007, she won an international beauty contest “Miss Diamond Crown of the World.” For her followers, Lyukanova represents the spiritual leader Amature. To an average viewer, she is the viral sensation of modern times and the human Barbie doll.

Mayra Hills

Mayra happens to be a woman with humongous breasts. Mayra Hills’ story made headlines after she released a video of herself injecting saline solution into each breast. It is estimated that each of her breasts contains more than 10,000 ccs of saline water, all surgically installed. Her surgeon confirmed that her breasts contain weight more than 10 pounds.

The nation of Germany has made notable achievements in the fields of science, mathematics, physics, engineering, medicine, and technology. The 32Z model went through two different breast augmentation surgeries. She wears a 32Z bra to contain her gigantic globes.


The world’s most flexible woman is at it again. She has outdone herself this time by cramming into a 50-inch box According to this amazing lady, she wants people to realize that she has achieved something out of the normal not to be imitated or emulated by others.

 Zlata, a famous contortionist, was born in Russia and now lives in Germany. Her ability to bend herself around a person while standing upright is incredible. In 2013 she was listed in the Guinness Book of Records for this unbelievable achievement. She is now an inspiration to many people all over the world with her incredible flexibility.

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