29 Celebrities with Unbelievable Degrees

It is often said that one should choose a major that defines their career later. However, this hardly seems to be the case as far as Hollywood celebrities are concerned. You would be surprised to know that most of our celebrities hold degrees that have nothing to do with the world of entertainment.

That’s true, folks. Today, we will feature 29 such celebrities who became Hollywood A-Listers while in college they pursued an entirely different career path. It is hard to imagine anyone else in the roles that they have performed on stage, in movies, and in television shows. Still, it seems awkward that after earning degrees in complex subjects like comparative religion, archaeology, and biochemical engineering, they ended up facing the camera. Such is the charisma of performing arts. Some of the celebrities left their studies halfway for their acting careers and later completed their degrees. So, are you ready to check out these celebs?

Lisa Kudrow- Biology

Lisa Kudrow has mainly done comical roles in her movies, and her primary claim to fame is the character Phoebe Buffet in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, which was also a quirky and funny one. That’s why Kudrow has a reputation as one of the most hilariously funny actors in the industry. But, contrary to her public image, the starlet is an intellectual and has even written several research papers. 

Reportedly, Lisa has a degree in biology. She attended Vassar College and graduated in 1985. Her father, Lee Kudrow, was an acclaimed neurologist, and that’s why she developed an interest in this subject. In fact, her father is the founder of the California Medical Clinic for Headache. Lisa worked with her father on a research project to determine whether right or left-handedness impacted migraines. The paper was published the same year when her sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S debuted. Here’s the reference for her paper. “Messinger, H. B., Messinger, M. I., Kudrow, L., & Kudrow, L. V. 1994. Handedness and headache. Cephalalgia 14, 64–67.”