Actors Who Were Permanently Damaged While Shooting

We are well aware of the fact that what we see onscreen is scripted. Even the stunts we see the actors and actresses performing are immaculately staged, so immaculately staged and pretended that they look real. But they are not. And keeping that in mind, we think that these stunts are harmless—well, to some degree.

There are instances when while shooting for an upcoming film, an actor attempts to pull off a stunt even in the presence of all the guides and safety measures, and still he or she is left permanently damaged. And working in Hollywood, solely, remains the biggest motivation for the actors to go an extra mile: some pull off a miraculous body transformation (for instance, Christian Bale), some prefer to be shot doing stunts without much equipment (for instance, Tom Cruise). Notwithstanding all the safety equipment and whatnot, they are always vulnerable to permanent damage.

That being said, here is a list of actors and actresses who were permanently damaged while shooting for their movies. Click on Begin Slideshow to start reading!