Airport Photos That Are Out of the Norm

Every day, millions of people are crowded in the airport terminals. We see them standing in endless queues, enduring random pat-downs alongside other strangers that also seem stressed out. There is room for conflict in such premises, or there’s room for hilarity if there is no conflict. Sounds traumatic, right?

For most of us, airport stays and delays are a huge nuisance, and we all want to avoid situations that put us in awkward position. However, sometimes, the situation becomes hilarious without you even trying. Or maybe we would find humor in difficult and different situations. It all depends on the perception. Luckily, there’s no shortage of hilarious moments on the airport. Here are some of the funny moments captured on camera.

Marking your suitcase

This gentleman clearly finds it difficult to find his luggage… or maybe he’s afraid someone will steal his luggage when he’s not looking. Most people mark or tag their luggage with a colored ribbon or a distinct luggage tag. This traveler either really likes this photo that he had plastered onto his luggage, or he has a very hard time spotting his belongings.

Hello there

A ‘Babe’ he is not. But to each their own. If you just look above the neck (sans the black ribbon), you’d like he’s a proper banker…but then your eyes gazed down and you just have to shake your head.Did he dress up for shock value? This traveler is taking cross-dressing to a whole different level of public exhibition. Though travelling through the airport wearing high heels and a garter is not exactly the most comfortable outfit to get around in.