25 All-Time Best Sci-Fi Movies

We all love sci-fi movies. The action, different planets, Science, Technology combined with comedy or romance give us goosebumps and something to remember forever. These movies will take you to another place, from movies like Planet of the Apes to Jurassic Park.

You might think how the world would look if something in a sci-fi movie were real. They give you the thoughts of exploring the world and the whole universe. To think if there are any other creatures in the universe, or are we alone? Let’s dive into the top 25 Sci-Fi Movies ever made


Talk about an original SCI-Fi movie, Solaris, directed by Andrea Tarkovsky and had Donatas Banionis, Natalya Bondarchuk as stars. The movie was released in 1972 and is still remembered as one of the best Sci-Fi movies of all time. Director Andrei Tarkovsky took a step towards a Sci-Fi Movie that blew millions’ minds.

In this movie, Donatas Banionis (Kris Kelvin) is sent to a distant orbiting space station. He was a psychologist in the movie. He is sent to find out why three occupants died; what’s interesting then is how this movie plays with your mind and how it shows drama, and what a real SCI-Fi movie looks like. If you want to question your reality, go ahead and watch this movie.

Planet Of the Apes

There is more than one Planet of the Apes movie, and you can see that those movies were released not long ago, but what’s the most impressive is the movie from back in 1968, the original Planet oF the Apes. Directed by Franklin J. Shaffner and had Charlton Heston, Kim Hunter, and Roddy McDowell as the stars.

This movie portrays how the Apes control the Planet and their domination. This movie is the result of Pierre Boulle’s novel. Charlton Heston fights the apes in this movie, frightens the audience, and makes them think of how the world would be if those dirty apes controlled it. If you haven’t watched this movie as it’s a very old movie, then you need to watch and see an amazing twist in the end, which you can also say that this movie created the twist.