American Behaviors, Virtues and Expressions That Foreigners Do Not Seem To Understand

Blue. Red. White. A Sunday sport of Rugby to be viewed, with creamy steaks to be consumed. Enjoy some hot dogs at baseball. These are a few out of the many things that symbolize the American way of life. Every individual knows it’s significance to us, but other cultures may not be able to relate, not in the least bit.

Of course, those who weren’t raised in the American setting may find it difficult to understand certain ‘traditions’ of the United States citizens. Some customs, for instance, may have become second nature to you because while growing up, you became used to it. Americans, too, may likely opine that what you’re doing seems strange. Some of these American Customs are listed below; especially those that may just cause a foreigner to lose his mind.

Coffee On The Move

One of the foundations of the American Subculture is Coffee. However, we don’t imply the “Sit in the parlour, share a cup with a friend” type. A typical American culture that the rest of the world practices, too.

What we’re implying, rather, is the portable and huge, disposable cup that you can use up until nearly midnight, when you might need another cup. It is left unacknowledged by the American Labour Force, but non-Americans can’t quite grasp the essence of it.

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