Anthony Bourdain: Facts You Didn’t Know

The world was wrenched on 8th of June, 2018, when it was broadcasted that Bourdain had committed suicide. The news went viral and left millions in tears, especially the chef community of the world as he was regarded amongst the top-tier chefs. Sharing his attributes, the first thing about him was that the late chef was in the news all the time—primarily, because of his witty remarks which he used for other chefs. However, he was a person who was in love with food, with people, and with old traditions that his country had.

Anthony gained his fame through years of strenuous work which he did in his kitchen thinking and writing about his recipes. And his efforts bore fruit when he released his first bestseller book “Culinary Tradition” which made him rise to one of the best in his field. At the peak of his career, he was drinking beer with President of the United States Barack Obama and was calling Iggy Pop his buddy. Anthony had done much for not only chefs but also for many others who are marginalized in the society, and this good of him compelled us to write about him. As he took his heavenly abode, we share some moments of his life which you haven’t heard about him.

He Didn’t Have Much Fortune

Anthony didn’t have that much wealth as compared to the rumors he had. It was shocking when his total net worth was calculated after his death: it came out to be ten times less than the news had reported. He just had $1.2 million in his accounts, which was a meagre amount considering the fact that he had been a renowned celebrity. This reduction of assets was due to his donations which he frequently gave to different trusts, secretly. However, in one of his interviews when asked about his assets, he explained that people have just exaggerated his wealth and he didn’t have that much amount as they have expected it to be.

Even when interviewed, Anthony’s show managers said that he had been a thoroughly humble guy who loved to stay low, and for that he used to stay minimal. He even refused to choose suites or five-star hotels when offered and often took the same residence which his team had selected for themselves. The wealth which he left was then transferred to the deceased’s daughter.

Did Not Like “Fame”

In order to know about Anthony’s personality, one must contact those who have long accompanied him in his journey. For example, his manager who remained with him most of the time: Michiko Zentoh, Anthony’s first manager, Michiko, had remained long with Anthony in Japan and his views about him were that “Tony” was natural and he remained like it, wherever he went.

Moreover, when Anthony started working at CNN, his viewership became doubled and he was receiving more fame and appreciation. But, instead of growing bold over this, Anthony turned inward and the consequence of inwardness was that he remained aloof from all the hustle and bustle of the set and was confined to a single place. He used to remain alone as his director reported, and often went on streets without informing his crew. But his girlfriend, Asia, said that the chef was happy living like this.

Anthony and Asia: Things the World Didn’t Know

People burst into tears after hearing the tragic suicide news of Anthony Bourdain when he took his life in the south of France while filming an episode for Parts Unknown. They were shocked to hear about the death of a humble celebrity whose whole fortune was love for humanity and its betterment. Therefore, it became really important for the public to know why Anthony had attempted such an act. The media and public’s opinion went on to suspect Anthony’s girlfriend Asia who was accused of cheating on Anthony with a much younger man.

The allegations on her were proven to be true when she was seen with another guy, and the public assumed that that was the reason behind Anthony’s suicide. But later on, as the matter got worse, she clarified herself in words like “Yes, I had cheated on Anthony, but he was cheating on me too. And we both are not children; we are adults, and we both understand each other whenever we meet.” She said she was grieved too, but she couldn’t find an answer to clarify that she didn’t make him quit.

When Sadness and Nostalgia Strikes: The Last Episode of Bourdain

We all remember the Parts Unknown ending and also the sad vibes which it gave. The ending was more of a description of the timeline of Anthony’s life. The scenes in which Anthony was moving and explaining different parts in Eastern side of New York—famous for poverty, drugs and punk rockers—a place where Anthony spent most of his life. It felt like he was telling us how he grew up, and how these streets had impacted him. Esquire says that the last part of Anthony’s show was a story of his life.

The way he tells it in the episode clearly represents the feelings he was having at that time. He was not acting in those scenes; he was living them, according to Esquire. Anthony even said at the last of the show that “these unpaved roads and old apartments with cheap rents had made more bonds than those skyscrapers”. This was how he made his epic farewell from the show.

Shy and Not Out-Spoken

Anthony was a class apart. A shy, introverted person with a soft voice and a good ability to connect with others were his top qualities. Anyone who encountered him once, remembered him for a long period of time.

However, few people who are very close to him shared many attributes of Anthony which he kept secret from the world. In an interview with GQ, Anthony’s childhood friend, Sam, shared that for him Tony was a little kid who was often messed up. He then shared about his trip with Anthony, in which he made him tour the resort on some luggage rack and then how much fun they had doing that. Like Sam, Collins, the manager of Anthony, also shared his views of Bourdain that he remained aloof to them when they were in Tokyo for shooting. Always isolated, never talking and sometimes even not mentioning his presence. However, when they went to Vietnam, Anthony’s behavior with them changed a little bit—maybe because he felt connected to the environment, with local traditions or cuisines which he tasted there.