They Stumbled Across This In The Woods- Beneath It Was A Terrifyingly Secret

In an area in Germany, World War II soldiers uncovered something during the Cold War. Something horrifying. Ever since 1945, there has been a mystery surrounding bunkers in Germany. A bunker that the Nazis never got the chance to use. The remains of dead Nazi soldiers were found. It was originally built as a secret military facility, but now it’s one of Germany’s many abandoned relics from the second world war. But that’s not what sent shivers down everyone’s spines.

In 1992, a group of boys from the area came across pipes protruding from the ground in a forested area of what was formerly East Germany. After some investigation, they found a secret STASI tunnel built during the Cold War. Although closed off with a concrete block, they managed to pry it away and see inside the tunnel. They had discovered something dark and sinister that had been hidden for almost 40 years

Amazing Secret Underground Bunker

With the pipes in the field, finding the entrance is not so hard. There is a secret place deep in the woods where two friends once played as children. The children explored their new surroundings holding flashlights in the darkness.

The children told that they never thought to check out what was connected to the pipes sticking out of the ground, but what they found was truly remarkable. A secret tunnel may hold valuable artifacts.

A Secret Entrance That Will Blow Your Mind

 It all started when they found a secret entrance for entering the tunnel. Secret entrances are always fantastic, don’t you agree? The entrance to the tunnel was present in the forest where the Germans tried to plant some trees.

 There is an entrance about 100 meters away from the periscopes. It was covered by coniferous trees. Using a crowbar, it can be removed easily. The lid was perfectly intact for decades. The wood had aged and preserved it well, but after close inspection, they couldn’t hold back the curiosity anymore and pried off what remained of the lid.