The Most Bone-Chilling Serial Killer Documentaries

Humans are different, indeed. For some, their moral side outweighs the morbid and sadistic one. And there are some sadists—or simply curious—people who enjoy watching things that are gruesome and bone-chilling, documentaries about infamous and notorious serial killers being one of those examples.

If you are looking for some suggestion for a good serial killer documentaries, we are here to assist you in this. This is a well-crafted and much-researched list of the most bone-chilling serial killer documentaries that can make you a little insomniac for some days… these are definitely binge worthy.

Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes

Netflix’s release of the Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes is 1.24hr documentary “set against the backdrop of 1980s Britain, when mass unemployment drew young men to London in search of their fortunes, only to find themselves destitute and easy prey”. Dennis Nilsen, known to most people as “Des” was the unassuming predator who offered an warm place to stay and a meal for these young runaways, often times prostituting themselves, known as “rented boys” in order to just survive the streets of London.

Des Nilsen who was a former policeman, knew the law and got away with murdering “15 or 16” of these young men in two different places of residences before he was finally caught. When Des Nilsen ran out of places to hide the bodies on his floorboards, he resorted to cutting the bodies up and putting them down the garbage disposal. So what finally got him caught was due to the downstairs neighbor’s plumbing problems.

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