Bond Girls: Then and Now

James Bond is arguably the most talked-about, most thrilling movie of all times. The franchise has die-hard aficionados, and the mind behind it have always been able to come up with spot-on duo of James Bond (from Daniel Craig to Pierce Brosnan) and the Bond Girls (Daniela Bianchi, for instance).

Bond Girls at their prime were probably the most charming and beautiful women in the industry. Now, that might not be the case. As Roman-level power leads to Roman-level decadence, so does the glamour. Diamonds Last Forever, but will the Bond Girls? We will tell you. This list is about the Bond Girls, their thens and nows.

Mie Hama (You Only Live Twice)

Mie Hama deserves more praise than any other Bond Girl, though according to the casting director, she was not the first choice but nevertheless she lived up to the expectations of the demanding role of Kissy Suzuki. Having a Japanese lineage, she had some trouble learning English. However, the Bond movie provided a kick to her career and she started to cast in big flicks in Japan. In 1989, she retired from the life.

We have to say that if there ever was a female Asian actress that “normalize” Asians on the silver screen, it was Mie Hama as Kissy Suzuki in You Only Live Twice in 1967 when Lucy Liu was a wee baby of 1 years old. Sorry Lucy, your role in Charlie’s Angels just isn’t that great.

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