4 Sisters Took The Same Photo for 43 Years

Sisters share a very precious bond of sisterhood, which is unlike any other relationship. Being a sister is akin to being part of an exquisite club where every girl is essential, and the bond is auspicious. A sisterhood bond can be between two or more girls. In literal terms, sisterhood refers to the relationship between women connected by blood, religion, opinion, or trade. It is a community exclusively for women to feel empowered, loved, cared for, and worthy. Whoever has a sister will agree that it is an absolute boon to have someone to turn to whenever you feel down and need a shoulder to lean on.

Those who don’t have a sister dream to have one at some point in life. It does not matter if the bond of sisterhood is between biological sisters or those connected by faith or friendship. What matters is that they remain honest with each other and have their back always. A similar bond is shared by the four sisters we will introduce to you today. Famously known as the Brown Sisters, the four dynamic ladies decided to share their lives with the world in a peculiar and unconventional manner- through capturing a picture every year in the same style and pose. You will get exclusive insight into the forty year-three years of their lives with this priceless collection of forty-three images. Find out how these sisters have matured by the time they took their last photo together in 2018.

Hartford, Connecticut 1976

It all started in the summer of 1975. Acclaimed photographer Nicholas ‘Nick’ Nixon was married to one of the Brown Sisters, BeBe. One day, Nixon visited his in-laws and came up with the idea to have all the sisters pose for him and capture a family photo. The four sisters, Laurie, BeBe, Heather, and Mimi, agreed, and they all lined up for the photo. Nixon was thrilled as the photo turned out impressive. That’s when he decided to make it a family tradition to capture a photo of the four sisters together every single year.

And he actually did that for the next forty years, documenting every minor change in the sisters’ appearance and the various ups and downs that their relationship underwent. In this photo taken in 1976, the sisters adopted a relaxed pose and are seen casually standing in the summertime sunshine. They look comfortable in each other’s company, which reveals a lot about their mutual camaraderie. Many say that the bond of sisterhood could be a complex one if all the members aren’t sincere with each other. Here we don’t observe any such thing as the girls look content. They are biologically related, which means they have grown up together, so they already share a unique bond. By agreeing to get themselves clicked in the same pose every year, they show how confident they are about their relationship status. They know nothing can break them apart, and therefore, without thinking twice they decided to capture their life journey on Nixon’s digital camera.

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