25 Celebrities with Strange Body Quirks

Nobody in this world is perfect because we all have at least one unusual trait or feature that makes us unique, shapes our identity, and creates a definite persona for us. That applies to everyone, including celebrities. No matter how talented or fabulous they may be, they are still humans. So, they have their fair share of insecurities and unique features that make them just as normal as we, the non-celebs, are. 

Believe it or not, no all in Hollywood boasts a flawless body, be it the leading actresses or heartthrob male actors. They have all sorts of issues to deal with while putting up a brave and carefree picture for the papz and their fans. From extra toes and nipples to disjointed thumb, different eye colors, and even protruding ears, body oddities like these are common among celebrities. So don’t let their dazzling smiles and svelte waistlines mislead you as they can and do have body imperfections. The difference is that they never tell us about it. But this will not be the case anymore as we have got all the information you need about the body quirks our favorite celebrities have been trying to hide from the world for so long. These 25 celebrities we will feature in this list today are living proof that imperfections of any sort don’t stand a chance in your journey to success if only you can accept them as a part of your distinctive personality. Check out 25 A-listers who have abnormal body parts and are one of the most successful stars of the lot.

Angie Stands Tall with Knobby Knees

The one actress that doesn’t fail to turn heads even in the simplest of attires and getups is Angelina Jolie. There’s nothing unusual we can say about Ms. Jolie. The entire world knows how gorgeous and sensuous she already is. But, what the world may not know is that she’s got wobbly knees. That’s true, guys. We learned about a strange body abnormality on the premiere night we never thought this sizzling actress would have. We also didn’t know until she appeared on the red carpet of the movie Kung Fu Panda 3. 

The mother of 6 has got knobby knees, and she did not let it affect her career in any way. She once admitted that she felt insecure at times but eventually concluded that she loves herself as she was and would never try to change it. Still. She rarely goes out in public wearing knee-length dresses. But when it’s Angeline with her stunning features out there, who would care to look at the knees?The photo you see here was captured in 2016, so there may be some changes to her figure today. But, even with her knobby knees, Jolie will remain a show-stopper and heart stealer always.

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