Celebrities Who Were Bullied And Drove Them To Greatness

High school can be a pleasant dream for some and for some a nightmare. As adolescents, we go through numerous changes beyond the hormonal fluctuations that our body undergoes. We go through miscellaneous social changes, which are essentially attributed to our high school experiences as these offer microenvironments where students have to abide by unrecorded rules. There’s immense social pressure on students to come across as the coolest kid on the block and earn the approval of fellow students. It is a stage where kids try to accepted in the society, which at the time is limited to their school mates and faculty members. Those who aren’t a part of the favorable category have to face undesirable consequences. Their classmates often tease them. This has always been the case, no matter which era or society we reside in.

It is a fact that we all have to go through a difficult phase at high school in general and youth in particular. Each individual’s personal experiences may differ as they may be lucky not to face bullying in high school or face it on a daily basis. So the experience can be pleasant or unpleasant for people. We simply can’t avoid teasing in our lives at any given stage, but it is probably the worst in high school. And it isn’t something associated with us only because even celebrities whom we regard as perfect in every way have dealt with bullying when they were in high school. Today, you will learn about twenty famous celebs who were harassed as students but are enjoying fame, recognition, and glory worldwide. We will take you to the time when no one believed in their star power or charm- the most challenging phase of the lives of our favorite celebs.

Kate Was Tortured By Mean Girls

Kate was a target when she entered Downe House, a prestigious boarding school for rich girls. Kate however was a she was a ‘day girl,’ that meant that she was dropped off at school during the day but would come home every night. That alone reason was enough to make Kate’s life miserable. The high society offspring who had already formed cliques years ago picked on Kate because she was the ‘new girl’ and a head taller than everyone else. Kate was also quite the sportswoman, excelling in hockey but unfortunately, Down House only had a team for Lacrosse, a sport that Kate did not play…. so yes, for Kate attending Downe House was a nightmare.

Most girls who get bullied at school for one reason or another kept quiet. Some girls are so ashamed and confused that they take measures into their own hand and resort to violence, to the girls who bullied them or to themselves. We often hear of young girls taking their own lives because of bullying at school…and now with social media, they just cannot escape the misery.

Kate luckily took measures and told her parents about the bullying and toxic environment of her school, she was then transferred to a school that was more suitable to her…a school where she developed life long friendships. This is the reason why the world loves Kate… she can relate to someone who have been bullied. We have seen her grown from a private citizen to a graceful royal, taking in her responsibilities and her duties as a royal, gracefully, elegantly and without controversy.

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