30 Celebrities Who Quit Showbiz for Normal Jobs

The world of entertainment is pretty ruthless. One can become famous and infamous overnight. With every movie release, the fate of celebrities in the industry changes, and so is the general public’s perception. It is a common observation that people who join the showbusiness are hungry for fame and want to be noticed and admired.

However, there are many such celebs who joined the entertainment industry, attained fame, reached the status of superstars, and still chose to leave everything behind on purpose. That’s not an easy feat at all. But, it seems like they didn’t want to stay in the public eye for long as fame didn’t entice them much. As unbelievable as it may sound to you, numerous celebrities decided that they didn’t want to spend their lives under constant media scrutiny and gave up fame for regular jobs. We know you are eager to find out which celebs quit showbusiness for routine jobs, so here we go.

Freddie Prinze Jr., Wrestling Producer

During the late nineties and early twenties, Freddie Prinze Jr. was the nation’s rising star. He was virtually everywhere. The actor achieved fame for his incredible comic timing and heartfelt romcoms that made him the most promising heartthrob of the 90s. Even in unconventional movies such as She’s All That and I Know What You Did Last Summer, all appreciated Freddie’s performance.

He was also a part of his sitcom for one season. But then something happened, and he vanished from the silver screen. Freddie Prinze Jr. was nowhere to be seen. People wanted to know where this heartthrob had gone. Then it turned out that Freddie had opted for a career switch. He was also fond of wrestling and had contributed extensively to the WWE’s message boards. So when he wanted a career shift, WWE was keen on hiring him as a writer, producer, and director for the organization. Now that’s what we would call a genuine powerbomb.

Phoebe Cates, Boutique Owner

Phoebe Cates was the starlet of the 1980s. Cates was like the goddess of acting for those in their youth during that era. Her performance in Fast Times at Ridgemont High was declared formative and appreciated by critics overwhelmingly. After this iconic movie, Cates appeared in another classic in the 1980s, titled Gremlins.

By that time, Phoebe Cates had everything going in her favor. She was successful beautiful, and people adored her. And then, she dropped a bomb on the public by announcing her retirement from screen acting. Later, it was revealed that she ventured into the world of fashion and opened her own boutique in NYC known as Blue Tree, inspired by her hubby Kevin Kline. With products like Abraham Lincoln dolls, Blue Tree became a huge success, and with this, Cates formally firmed her position as an entrepreneur.