Celebrities Who Posed Nude on Purpose

There have been incidences like when well-known stars posed nude mistakenly. Such as when Cardi B uploaded her nude pics or when Chris Evans’s unfortunate nude shot at the NSFW. You can refer to them as inevitable celebrities oops moments. Many celebs have become victims of nude photo leaks, and that’s something they have endorsed as a part of the package. They are celebrities, after all, people would try to exploit their fame in more than one way.

However, some celebrities posted their nude pics purposefully and willfully. You can credit the ongoing trend of posing nude to the rise of the Kardashian clan or the internet. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that posting nude photos to grab headlines and eyeballs has become a norm in Hollywood. Some celebrities are so proud of their bodies, especially when pregnant, that they regularly pose nude for the camera and happily share their photos with their fans. Today, we will check out 28 such celebs who posted their nude photos and took the world of the internet by storm.

Jana Kramer

Former One Tree Hill star is the first celeb to feature in the list of celebrities who posed nude and are proud about it. Jana Kramer recently posted a photo in which she is completely naked and shows off her incredibly fit post-pregnancy body and breast implants. She shared the photo with a strong message that read. That’s not the first time Kramer posed nude. In 2018, when the country singer and actress was pregnant, she posed topless for US Weekly magazine. Kramer was joined by her husband Mike Caussin and daughter Jolie Rae. Though the shoot was for family portraits, Jana is entirely naked from the top in one of the photos. In fact, she unbuttoned her jeans to show off the baby bump while she covered her breasts with her arm.

“All I know is I was good enough before, and I’m good enough now.”

“I feel prettier pregnant,” .

Jana Kramer

Elizabeth Hurley

If there’s one celeb in the entertainment industry who knows well how to pose nude and appear decent instead of looking vulgar, it is Liz Hurley. She is also well aware that posting nude photos is the ideal way to get attention from the media and fans. When she had to clear the air about recent rumors that she was to feature in a reality show, which actually she wasn’t, the actress released a statement with a nude photo where she is sitting in a rural retreat.

The 55-year-old star wowed her admirers with this stunning photo where she looks simply gorgeous. She sits cross-legged while her wavy locks cover her bare breasts and shoulders in a flattering way. Her body is truly enviable in this photo, and her fans were quick to relay their feelings to her. A vast majority of her fans shared the consensus that she looked elegant and beautiful.