The Latest Celebrity Cars Extravaganza

We all understand that actors sit on enormous amount of wealth. Although, we can only think of their comfortable lifestyles, their stocks of cars offer us a glimpse into their splendor. For the average middle-class car purchaser, it seems like a huge cost to own a vehicle over $25,000. The top-paid actors, moreover, purchase cars which comfortably exceed hundreds, thousands and even some times millions of dollars.

Here’s a rundown of twenty-five of the most luxurious cars, selected not only to make your paycheck feel inferior but also to offer a sense of how celebrities around the world are expressing themselves in their favorite vehicles. Find out which celebrities have spent the most amount of money for a four wheeled box that gets them from point A to point B… and machine that can actually drive on water. Seriously.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Fisker Karma Hybrid

Cost: Est. $135K

For somebody who even in his Oscar award speeches speaks about the community, Leonardo DiCaprio has shown the world how to behave environment friendly even when driving luxury. When he’s not driving around town in his Toyota Prius, his ‘Sunday’ drives is spent in an eco-friendly electric vehicle, a Fisker Karma Hybrid. The layouts of car are environment friendly with a special feature of not hurting animals. He also owns a Tesla and a Prius but also has other vehicles in his garage. It’s time to imitate this good actor who shows us how we can play our part to save the future of the planet.

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