Celebrity Teeth Transformation: Before and After

Not all the perfect, white, symmetrical celebrity smiles you see are ‘their original smiles’. Stars are more concerned about their appearances than any of us. There have been major cosmetic dentistry procedures done on various famous personalities which have enhanced their looks by making their smiles flawless. Ah…. that Hollywood flawless smile that everyone aspires to have.

While some have got dentures, some have put caps or porcelain veneers to brighten up their smiles. And of course endless amount of white teeth brightening expense is part of the norm. Unlike many skin cosmetic surgeries including Botox or fillers, the dental surgeries have mostly gone correct and expected. Let’s go through some mind blowing transformations.

Ben Affleck

The ‘Argo’ star-Ben Affleck was asked to get a dental makeover done before his 1998 movie ‘Armageddon’. Ben’s adult teeth looks like his baby teeth for guy that’s 6’4 foot tall. The new set of teeth complimented his role in the movie and also gave him a permanent gorgeous grin. The star previously had a very immature looking smile with small gapped teeth giving him a childish look, also seen in his famous movie Good Will Hunting’. The star had to see a dentist to get his current flawless smile with bright white and symmetrical teeth.  Now his perfect teeth fits his face.

“We paid for a set of $20,000 pearly white teeth. Ben’s gonna hate that story, I always liked low shots that kinda come right under your chin and make you a little bit heroic and he kinda had these baby teeth. So I told [producer] Jerry Bruckheimer, ‘God, he’s got these baby teeth, Jerry, I don’t know what to do!'” he continued. “Jerry used a very famous star in a plane movie that he replaced teeth with so he said, ‘We did it to him, why not do it to Ben?’ So my dentist had Ben sitting in a dentist’s chair for a week, eight hours a day.”

Michael Bay