Creepy Facts About Jeffrey Epstein Uncovered

Jeffrey Epstein 1980 (left), JE mugshot, July 2019 (center), JE broken neck bones x-rays, August 2019 (right)

Jeffery Epstein will go down in history as one of the most notorious and nefarious pedophiles globally. The 66-year old self-proclaimed financier-cum-socialite was arrested by the federal law enforcement authorities the second time on July 6, soon after returning to the US. Epstein is facing startling charges of statutory rape, and kidnapping underage girls, and may get 45-years jail time. Epstein was earlier arrested in Florida for molesting three dozen underage girls. He spent 13 months in a county jail’s private wing and comfortably walked out as a free man. The second time he got arrested and was sent to jail while awaiting trial, he wasn’t so lucky. Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for the second time on July 6, 2019 and within a little over a month, he was dead. On August 19, 2019 he was found in his cell dead. The coroner has ruled it suicide by hanging… but there are strong evidence that he was murdered. With a rolodex of very powerful clients like the Clintons, Bill Gates, there are plenty of people who wanted Jeffrey Epstein dead so that he takes his secrets with him.

Interestingly, the public doesn’t know much about Jeffrey Epstein. Despite being filthy rich and quite infamous, there is an aura of mystery surrounding his private life and all the high profile, ridiculous powerful men who ran or rather used his service. So, we investigated and discovered some really creepy facts about his personal life.

Cold-Hearted to the Core

One of Epstein’s bedroom with a magnifying workstation on his orgy island

Jeffery Epstein has a penchant for sleeping in cold temperatures. As per the details shared by a female who shared an intimate relationship with him back in the early 2000s, Epstein used to set the temperature at fifty-four degrees. She could not sleep properly ever when she was with Epstein as it was bone-chilling cold in the room. The unnamed female even went on to state that she felt she would die of hypothermia.

An Eye for an Eye… Literally

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s guest getting a massage at his private island

Epstein probably took the famous phrase an eye for an eye a bit too seriously. Reportedly, his townhouse in Manhattan’ entrance hall wall is decorated with rows over rows of 150 prosthetic eyeballs. These eyeballs were originally produced for injured English soldiers. According to some close to Jeffrey Epstein, these eyeballs was a ‘subliminal’ warning to his guests or anyone entering his townhouse that they are “being watched” at all times.

Deep-rooted Immorality

“Parsing Bill,” by Petrina Ryan-Kleid (left), Hillary Clinton at Kennedy Honors 2009

Epstein was always interested in foraying into forbidden territories and surpassing moral boundaries. His Florida home reflects this, as several items were custom made to reflect his strange fetishes. For instance, he had a chessboard that contained pieces designed to reflect his employees in promiscuous postures.

Jeffrey Epstein had quite an odd art collection. Perhaps the strangest painting is the one of his very close friend, Bill Clinton dressed in Hillary’s blue dress with red heals straddling on his chair in the oval office wearing an arrest me red pair of heels. “Parsing Bill” by Australian artist Petrina Ryan-Klied dimension are 40 W x 40 H x 2 in and this piece hung prominently in Epstein’s $56 million townhouse’s living room in Manhattan. Is Bill Clinton a secret dress crosser that no one knew except Epstein?

Epstein’s Love for Prosthetic Breasts

James E. Staley, Lawrence Summers, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates, Boris Nikolic (left to right)

A female, one of the many victims of sexual assault by Jeffrey Epstein, revealed that he has a strange fetish to keep prosthetic body parts and use them as toys. The breast were mounted on the wall of the master bedroom in his Manhattan townhouse. It was reported that it was mounted there so that he can play with them at his leisure. The female who was sexually assaulted by the notorious pedophile at the age of 15 told the police that he used to also keep some prosthetic breasts beside his bathtub and played with them when bathing.

For years, the other Bill, Bill Gates one of the world’s richest man was a close ‘friend’ of Jeffrey Epstein. Apparently Bill Gates loved to party and in his younger years, allegedly he loved to visited the local Seattle strip clubs and bring strippers back to his mansion for ‘pool parties.’ Bill Gates also partake on the Lolita Express to Jeffrey’s secluded orgy island. We can only assume what was happening there… business meeting perhaps?

Epstein Never Wears the Same Shirt Twice

Jeffrey Epstein seen cuddling with a young girl.

An IT expert hired by Epstein to work on his private Caribbean island revealed that his boss never wore a shirt twice. The IT expert claims that there is a closet full of brand-new white-colored Lacoste polo shirts in Epstein’s home. All the shirts were in medium size, costing $90 each. What he found strange was that his boss never reused any of these shirts. After wearing them once, he always gave them away to his housework staff to use as rags.

The above image shows Jeffrey Epstein cuddling with a young girl, sleeping in his arms. Creepy. Where were the authorities when we needed them to protect these young girls from this monster? Oh wait… our they, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew…were part of the sickness.

The Lolita Express

Jeffrey Epstein Flight log

Epstein has a private plane, which he has named Lolita Express. This infamous plane was frequently used by politicians and celebrities to fulfill their desire to exploit underage girls sexually. On the flight log, are both our favorite Bills… Bill Gates and Bill Clinton. Now the Bill and Melinda Gates have filed for divorce it seems as though a lot of dirty laundry have surface about our favorite billionaire nerd… apparently he had quite a kinky side to him so it makes perfect sense that he and Jeffrey Epstein were buddies.

It seems that Bill Clinton was a frequent flyer on the Lolita Express… wonder if he got frequent flier points for taking so many trip. Every time Bill flew, he brought along four Secret Service to protect him (at the expense of American’s tax dollars who are paying for our former 42nd President’s soirees to the orgy island). On the flight log, we also see Academy Award winning actor and now #MeToo actor Kevion Spacey as well as our funny man comedian Chris Tucker also on the flight log.

Padded Floors on Private Jet

Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s 727 private plane

This one is definitely creepy. Epstein had a $80 million fleet of 2 private jet and a helicopter private but he took a special liking to his 727 jet known as the “Lolita Express” and added padding underneath the floorboards. The reason was to make sure the floor was comfortable enough to have sex when flying at higher altitudes.

Epstein Had Himself Painted as a Prisoner

Stock images of full size African warrior(left), Painting of prisoner (right)

The rather infamous Manhattan townhouse that Epstein owns has another incredible aspect. Reportedly, the second floor of this residence features unusual moral depicting a photorealistic jail scene. It illustrates a barbed wire, a guard station, and corrections officers surrounding Jeffery Epstein, standing in the center. A PR expert recently visited Epstein’s townhouse and asked him why he chose to get himself painted. To this, Epstein responded that he is aware of this scene’s possibility of turning into a reality.

Not to mention that as you walk into his townhouse, there is a life-like doll hanging from the main chandelier. Eccentric? Perhaps… but when it comes to Jeffrey Epstein, there’s always a sexual perverted angle. He also had other abnormal fetishes. Epstein’s sexual fetishes were quite abnormal, to say the least. His many residences are a clear reflection of his cringy personality. It is claimed that there is a 10-feet tall statue in Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse depicting a fully naked African female warrior.

Epstein is Germophobic

Many famous personalities are germophobic, such as President Donald Trump and Billy Bob Thornton to new a couple. It is a phobia where where the person is extremely fearful of being exposed to germs and has a mad obession with being as clean as possible. For example, germaphobes avoids shaking hands with anyone because of the fear of receiving germs or contamination. Jeffrey Epstein, strangely, is a germaphobe… yet he is a known sexaholic. He never shakes hands with people and prefers communicating from a distance. Even while using a phone, he prefers talking via the speaker phones instead of holding the phone. The females could easily hear all his conversations, which they later shared with the police.

Proud of His Evil Mind

Jeffrey Epstein with Alan Dershowitz

Epstein likes working out and building muscles. However, people around him told the police that he never worked out regularly or tried special muscle building techniques primarily because he didn’t want to lose IQ points. Jeffrey’s IQ was probably around 124 points but because he was of an Ashkenazi Jewish decent, we’ll add an additional 10 points…so perhaps 134.

An Office without Computers

Jeffrey Epstein office at his Manhattan townhouse

As strange as it may sound, Jeffrey Epstein never kept a computer at his office despite hiring IT experts. This was intentionally done so that if ever he was raided by the FBI there would be no record of any of the evil things that he was involved with.

Comfort Comes First

Epstein is known for enjoying a lavish and grand lifestyle, but this is simply outrageous. Rumor has it that he bought a lavish townhouse in Manhattan for only $1. The residence is now worth around a whopping $77 million. But, what actually boggled our mind is the fact that he renovated the sidewalks outside this residence heated. Due to this snow quickly melts on the paths in the winters.

A Mansion Full of Crystals and Red Chairs

Famous model Maximilia Cordero filed a lawsuit in 2007, accusing Epstein of statutory rape. In her court filing, Cordero noted that Epstein’s mansion features a massive crystal staircase adorned with a huge crystal ball installed by the railing. Also, there were large ceiling chandeliers. The lounge area was full of red-colored chairs. Interestingly, she mentioned a dog statute in the lounge next to a statue of dog feces. Creepy, isn’t it!

A High-Profile Bounty Hunter

Photo: Dog the Bounty Hunter

You might be wondering what does Epstein does to live life like a king. Well, we have found out his mode or earning. According to his former friend who met him back in 1986, Epstein used to be a bounty hunter working for high-profile organizations and personalities. He worked for governments and helped them recover looted money from African dictators. The dictators also hired him to hide the money they had stolen.

Epstein’s Pedophile Island

Believe it or not but Epstein is the owner of two islands, both located in the Virgin Islands. One of the islands, which is sometimes called Little St. James and sometimes Little St. Jeff’s, was the primary location where Epstein held sex parties. The parties were attended by the rich and famous to exploit underage girls freely. It is now referred to as the Pedophile Island or the Island of Sin.

More About the Island of Sin

The island features a weird building that resembles an ancient temple. Its front door has an unusual locking device installed on the outside. Its constructor James Both, revealed that it can lock the door from both sides. This means it can lock people in and give the impression that the place is closed from the outside.

Passion for Collecting Pirate Treasure

Photo: drinkscoaster image of real pirate rum bottles

According to James Both, Jeffrey Epstein is obsessed with collecting what he called pirate treasures. He was so obsessed with pirate collectibles that he paid his employees approx.—$ 1,000 for finding old rum bottles or anything that belonged to the pirates.

Epstein Calls himself a Sexual Offender

This one is exceptionally unnerving, as it reflects the sick mentality of Jeffrey Epstein. After releasing from jail, the first time, Epstein often joked about his weird interests. His friends revealed later that he used to call himself a sexual offender instead of a sexual predator. In his opinion, these are two different things, just like a murderer and a thief are different.