20+ Tragic Deaths From Taking A Stupid Selfie

As per government data, falling is the leading cause of selfie deaths after drowning. Based on the location, these are the two reasons being used interchangeably. Ever since developing smart devices, India has ranked first in terms of selfie deaths, after Russia, and the United States in third place. Narcissism is active and quite well, and it has the potential to be fatal. This indicates that selfies are dangerous because they can cause you to die. They can drive you to develop a complex and insatiable urge to photograph yourself. Selfie-related deaths peaked in 2020 when it was announced that a person had a higher mortality rate from capturing images than the attack by a shark.

In the following slideshow, the top 20 most popular deaths due to “killfies” are discussed.

Yosemite Falls – Literally

In October 2018, a couple from India visited one of the most beautiful national parks in United States, Yosemite. Wife and husband, Meenakshi Moorthy (left) and Vishnu Viswanath ventured up to Taft Point and set their tripod to take a series of selfies… when the wife slipped and the husband tried to save her but to no success. They fell over 1,000 feet to their deaths.

It only later that day that visitors to the same location noticed the tripod and personal belongings of the couple left untouched with no owner that they alerted the authorities to search for their whereabouts. Moorthy was an adrenaline junkie who literally captured selfies of her and Vishnu “Living life on the edge” and posted to her social media account of their travels.

Selfies – A Dangerous Killer

According to the latest official statistics, selfie deaths number one cause is from falling, closely followed by drowning. These two ways of deaths are interchangeably depending on the country the data is pulled from. The latest update still holds India as the number one country with the highest death rates from selfies followed by Russia and in third place is the USA. Narcissism is alive and well and can be fatal. This proves the fact that selfies are hazardous to you because they might not only give you complex and the constant desire to capture yourselves, but also might result in your death. Deaths caused by selfies reached their peak in 2021 when it was declared that a person has more chances of dying from taking a selfie than the shark attacks.

Olesia Suspitsina

Since the Wuhan coronavirus swept over the world, infecting every continent, the whole world is facing lockdown, some for weeks and others for months.  To commemorate the completion of the month-long COVID19 shelter-in-place lockdown, Olesia Suspitsina, Kazakhstan local guide, which is 31 years old residing in Turkey, went on her first walk with a buddy.

Olesia and her friend decided to celebrate by going outside into nature. They had consumed little wine and then headed the trail in Duden Park in Anatyla, when Olesia stepped over a protective railing next to a waterfall to take a photo, as per “the friend.” Olesia lost her balance on some damp grass around the cliff (which is something the railing was supposed to be protecting visitors from) and plunged 115 feet to her death.

Anna Ursu

When she was at the train’s top, this Romanian kid was taking a photo, accidentally caught a live wire and burst into flames. This tragic occurrence took place in the tiny town of Lasi. Anna was accompanied by one of her friends, and the reason she wanted to travel to the train station was to shoot a compelling selfie to show her pals. She elevated her legs while posing and accidentally caught a live wire, causing it to rupture.

Anna died shortly after being moved to a local hospital since nobody could endure a jolt of this magnitude — more than 25,000 volts. Due to the extreme shock, Anna’s friend was also injured, and she later revealed how Anna’s quest to snap the “perfect selfie” resulted in her unexpected passing.

Ramon Gonzalez

Ramon Gonzalez, better known by his stage name “Jadiel el Tsunami,” was a well-known Reggaeton rapper and Puerto Rico’s favourite bad boy. On 10th May 2014, the ‘Fashion Girl’ singer died due to a failed effort to take a risky selfie, which resulted in his death.

According to eyewitnesses, Ramon was attempting to take a photo whilst he was riding his motorbike on the interstate on his way to see his folks in New York, Rochester. Unfortunately, he lost control of the bike and collided with a car. He succumbed to his terrible injuries and died in hospital.

Sylwia Rajchel

A Polish tourist visiting Seville Spain in 2014, a medical student Sylwia Rajchel, 23 years old was caught up in the selfie craze while snapping a selfie from the Puente de Triana bridge height. In the midst of trying to capture the perfect photo, her foot slipped and she fell fifteen feet off the bridge and landed on the concrete base beneath the bridge.

People who knew her described the occurrence as terrible and regrettable since she was a young woman of 23 years old who was attempting her hardest to keep her position on the footbridge but eventually lost it and died.

Oscar Otero Aguilar

Individuals’ infatuation with guns has lasted throughout history, and such lethal charms have resulted in many people’s lives. Oscar Oteri Aguilar, a Mexican man, had a similar experience while trying to shoot a good photo while carrying the shotgun. As a consequence, he shot himself in the head and was proclaimed dead before getting to the hospital. Facts later emerged that revealed the factors that contributed to Oscar’s death, such as the presence of strong alcohol in his veins, but his penchant for risky selfies ultimately killed him.

Jamshaid Khan

The selfie craze has spread all over the world. Selfie-related deaths have been reported in practically every single country. Jamshaid Khan, a Pakistani boy who is 22 years old, was killed while attempting to take a photo next to a moving train. He used to work at the railway station and try to appear hip by taking a picture in front of the train. He reasoned that he could get away swiftly while taking a picture at the front of the incoming train. Unfortunately, his estimates were incorrect, as he became caught and was severely smashed by the train. 

Cheska Agas

Cheska Agas, an 18-year-old civil engineering female student from the Philippines, in 2014 drowned while she intended to snap a group selfie. She was on her way to Bangui’s beach to party with friends. She wanted to snap a spectacular group photo to commemorate their great moments like many people do. The group of buddies were so engrossed in their phones and having a good time that they didn’t notice the approaching wave. Cheska drowned and could not be saved and she was proclaimed dead as soon as she arrived at the hospital.

Oscar Reyes

Oscar Reyes participated in the 2014 Selfie Olympics, popularly known as the “Selfie Game.” The goal of this fad was to encourage individuals to take risky selfies published on social networks. It quickly devolved into a furious competition, with everyone vying for the finest and most distinctive selfie and, as a result, a large number of “Likes.”

Oscar began to obtain more “comments and likes” by posting a superior selfie than the others he had previously shared while dressed as SpongeBob. Oscar reportedly attempted to pull a mirror selfie when he slipped from the door and struck his head on the toilet, causing him to bleed profusely. He died as a result of substantial blood loss.

Polish Parents and Traumatized Children

Young children aged 6 and 5, in 2014,  were forced to watch their parents’ deaths in  Portugal, Cabo da Roca. The duo was taking pictures when they opted to disregard the warning flags and breach the safety net in order to get the most acceptable photo of their lifetimes. Both of them, unfortunately, slipped and plummeted to their demise. After several days, the couple’s bodies were retrieved once the weather returned to normal.

Russian Men with Grenade

A few of the weirdest selfie deaths on this list are the two Russian men who attempted to snap a photo with a grenade.

Before taking the snapshot in the Ural Mountains, two men decided to remove the trigger from the bomb. A grenade exploded after the picture was shot, instantly killing both men. This incident drew worldwide notice, and large-scale anti-selfie efforts were initiated, particularly in Russia.

Turkish Youngsters

Here we are not talking about one, two, or three people, but the five Turkish young boys who wanted to take the selfie of the century in front of a landing plane. To fulfill their wish, they laid down near the airport without realizing any dangers of it. With heavy alcohol levels in their bloodstream, they seemed to have had lost the vision of reality.

At night, a truck came and without realizing that anyone was on the road kept going at due to which two of the boys got severely crushed under the car while three of them managed to walk out of the way of the truck. Two boys died immediately after the accident, and their disturbing photos came forward after some time.

Xenia Ignatyeva

Xenia has always had a strong desire to take daring images of herself. Just before her18th birthday in 2014, Xenia Ignatyeva chose to take a flawless selfie. She ascended to the peak of a railroad bridge near Saint Petersburg, Russia, to fulfil her goal. Despite having a companion with her, she opted to follow the picture with just one hand from the height. Sadly, she lost her balance and died after falling around 28 feet.

Andrey Retrovsky

This 17-year-old Russian youngster took photos of himself while imagining himself falling from a skyscraper. So he ascended a nine-storey building and used a rope to hang himself from the top. This much strain was too much for the rope, and it broke. As a consequence, Andrey lost his balance and plummeted from nine-storey buildings. Because he landed in the plants, the force of his fall was greatly diminished, yet it was not sufficient to preserve his life; he died two hours later from his injuries.

He was known as a professional that would take selfies in unique and dangerous conditions. The Instagram account that he used had everything related to these actions. According to his friends, Andrey was always cautious about his safety as his every action was not without danger. His friends always tried to stop him from taking dangerous selfies, but he never cared a bit about what his friends had to say, which became the very cause of his death,

Collette Moreno

Collete Moreno’s selfie wasn’t responsible for her death. She was soon to be married, and while she was going for her bachelorette party, her car crashed, which caused her to die. This incident occurred in June of 2014. Collete Moreno had a five-year-old son. What killed her was a severe car accident.

Ashley, Collete’s best friend, said about the incident that a fuming truck stayed near their car, which caused an asthma attack, Ashley tried to avoid it by leaving the truck behind, but when they thought the left it, the truck appeared on the hill which affected the passenger’s side badly. Collete died after three hours after she was taken to the hospital.

Cheynee Holloway

The most tragic death in this list is Chaynee Holloway’s as she was with her boyfriend; the tragic moment was when she slipped and fell off a cliff while taking a selfie. What’s more heart-wrenching about this story is that they were meeting for the first time as they dated only online. Despite the fact that they dated online, they were so in love that James came all from England to South Africa, just to meet Chaynee Holloway.

While going to Northcliff Hill, located in Johannesburg, James set up the camera to take pictures of their first date. What happened next is heart-breaking as Chaynee Holloway, a 21-year old beautiful girl, fell from a 49ft cliff and could not be saved.

Mohammad el-Shaar

While enjoying his day with friends, Mohammad el-Shaar, a teenager, got involved in an incident that took place in Lebanon while posing for a selfie with his friends. What’s tragic about this story is that as soon as they took the selfie, a car blast occurred near them, which was a preplanned terrorist attack, the last photo that Mohammad el-Shaar will ever take, which Omer Bekdah took.

After his tragic death, his mother said in an interview that he wanted to become an NBA star as he had loved basketball since his childhood. He had set his goals for a brighter future, but unfortunately, faith intervened.

 Train electrocution in Jaen, Spain

When a young man was snapping a picture on the top of a train in March 2014, he was severely electrocuted. He passed away on the spot. This occurrence occurred in the Spanish city of Jaen.

Drowning in El Tunal River

Karen Hernandez, a thirteen-year-old girl from Durango, Mexico, drowned in the El Tunal River. It occurred while she was attempting to take a selfie near the river’s edge. After a thorough search, firefighters discovered her body.

A happy moment that quickly devolved into misery

Courtney Sanford intended to let the world know how much she adored Pharrel William’s music. She posted a selfie while driving in April 2014, and oddly, and regrettably, that was the last time she felt “Happy.” She was involved in a fatal car collision and rammed into a truck within minutes.

Jenni Rivera

In December 2012, Dolores Janney “Jenni” Rivera Saavedra was a famous American born Mexican pop star died after taking this selfie with her friends. Soon after her private jet crashed and left no survivors. She was 43 years old.

Karaoke, Selfies, Hospital

Two Iranian girls who were singing karaoke while driving and taking selfies didn’t pay that much attention to the road, which resulted in crashing with another car. What’s more surprising is they didn’t suffer any severe injuries, although they took even more selfies while going to the hospital.

Flying to Falling

Oliver Park, a German tourist, pretended to fly while taking a selfie in Machu Picchu’s restricted area. He was 51 years old, and due to his action, he lost his life while taking a selfie when he slipped and fell off the cliff, which caused him to die.

Kinds of Deaths caused by Selfies

This graph shows the ways of deaths caused by selfie-related incidents or accidents that took place. It also shows that selfies are becoming more dangerous even than traditional dangerous stuff. For example, only 17 people died climbing Mount Everest and 12 people while playing football.

In addition, eight people died because of sharks, and two by vending machines. If you compare these ways of dying, you should know that 28 people died due to selfies, which shows that selfies are becoming more dangerous than other traditional ways.

Selfie Fatalities in various countries

This graph shows the deaths caused by selfies by countries; India is on the top with 19 deaths. Russia has seven deaths, and 5 in the United States. About 16 people died while accidentally plummeting and taking selfies. About 14 people died drowning; eight of them were hit by a train.

Other selfie-related deaths include gunshots, which caused four people to die; two of them died due to grenades, two of them due to planes and the other due to car crashes.

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