20+ Tragic Deaths From Taking A Stupid Selfie

As per government data, falling is the leading cause of selfie deaths after drowning. Based on the location, these are the two reasons being used interchangeably. Ever since developing smart devices, India has ranked first in terms of selfie deaths, after Russia, and the United States in third place. Narcissism is active and quite well, and it has the potential to be fatal. This indicates that selfies are dangerous because they can cause you to die. They can drive you to develop a complex and insatiable urge to photograph yourself. Selfie-related deaths peaked in 2020 when it was announced that a person had a higher mortality rate from capturing images than the attack by a shark.

In the following slideshow, the top 20 most popular deaths due to “killfies” are discussed.

Yosemite Falls – Literally

In October 2018, a couple from India visited one of the most beautiful national parks in United States, Yosemite. Wife and husband, Meenakshi Moorthy (left) and Vishnu Viswanath ventured up to Taft Point and set their tripod to take a series of selfies… when the wife slipped and the husband tried to save her but to no success. They fell over 1,000 feet to their deaths.

It only later that day that visitors to the same location noticed the tripod and personal belongings of the couple left untouched with no owner that they alerted the authorities to search for their whereabouts. Moorthy was an adrenaline junkie who literally captured selfies of her and Vishnu “Living life on the edge” and posted to her social media account of their travels.

Selfies – A Dangerous Killer

According to the latest official statistics, selfie deaths number one cause is from falling, closely followed by drowning. These two ways of deaths are interchangeably depending on the country the data is pulled from. The latest update still holds India as the number one country with the highest death rates from selfies followed by Russia and in third place is the USA. Narcissism is alive and well and can be fatal. This proves the fact that selfies are hazardous to you because they might not only give you complex and the constant desire to capture yourselves, but also might result in your death. Deaths caused by selfies reached their peak in 2021 when it was declared that a person has more chances of dying from taking a selfie than the shark attacks.