Embarrassing News Anchor Moments

It is human to make mistakes; this is a universal truth. We all make mistakes, whether at home or in the workplace. However, if someone messes up on live television, it will almost certainly be exposed. It won’t be limited to the domain of a thousand channels, either. Thanks to the internet, particularly social media, a video, or picture of that incident can be seen all over the universe in the blink of eye. Do you like to see some of those humorous news anchor mistakes?

Something Appears to be Bothering Her

OH no, it was being broadcast live! Katya Leick of KSNT was at Fort Riley Army Base doing one segment for the channel. A flock of cicadas attacked her while she was filming the part on a tank. She tried to maintain her composure at first, but the bugs eventually got on top of her. If one finds themselves in her situation, there isn’t much one can do.

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