Timeline of Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie: What We Know So Far

The search continues for Brian Laundrie; Gabby’s fiancé who was reported “missing” according to the FBI. Gabby Petito, the 22-year-old social media vlogger went missing in late August and was found dead on September 20th, nine days after her parents reported her missing. Gabby, 22 and Brian, 23 had set off on a cross-country journey in July. Brian returned home from the trip alone on September 1st without Gabby. Brian’s parents claim that he was last seen on around mid-September.

The couple, who shared a home in North Port, Florida with Brian Laundarie’s parents were reported to be childhood sweethearts who met while growing up in Long Island, New York, before Laundrie’s parents moved to North Port, just outside Sarasota. Gabby’s bestfriend, Rose Davis who is 21 years old is certain that Brian is surviving in the wilderness “He is out in the wilderness, I promise you. He’s out there. He is. If he’s alive, he’s out there, camping out … He lived in the Appalachians by himself for months.”

October 21, 2021: Body Confirmed

After months of searching for Brian Laundrie, authorities have confirmed that the human remains found yesterday was indeed Brian Laundrie based on dental records. Autopsy of the body will soon follow and only then we will know how Brian Laundrie died. What remains to be a mystery is what was in the notebook that was found amongst Brian’s possession. Did he leave a suicide note? Did he leave a confession?

Another puzzling question is it that after months of searching for Brian Laundrie with all the manpower the FBI, the state police, and all laymen searching for Brian, his parents knew exactly where to find him. Were they involve in his death? Did they meet with him frequently during the hunt for Brian only to find him in one of their last meetups no longer alive? Still so many questions remains to be unsolved.

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