Groovy Photos of the 60’s and 70’s

The 1960s and 70s seem to be a completely different era altogether, as far as music is concerned. No other timeline presented such a diverse array of musical experimentation and extensive choices for music buffs as these two decades offered. We can say that the 60s and 70s were not just about the hippie movement but about exploring the musical horizons to their broadest limits. These years were about redefining music again and again. In an era where legendary musicians like The Beatles, Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, and Bee Gees took the local and international music scene by storm, who can deny the fact that the 60s and 70s were the most prolific timeline in music history.

These were the times when modern pop music was as much visual as it was audible. Fans went crazy with the fantastic music and loved their favorite artists’ distinct appearances. At the same time, Brian Jones was able to cast an everlasting impact with his endearing musical contributions, and every new single released by Rolling Stones shattered the record set by their previous outing. Let’s pay homage to the artists who made a mark during the 60s and 70s and played an instrumental role in laying the foundation of modern pop music. Check out some of the most iconic photos from the 60s and 70s to relive the times when music was at its finest.

1969: Woodstock, New York

Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll defined the 1960s. But the decade was also a time of pivotal change — politically, socially, and technologically. Woodstock Music Festival was first held on August 15, 1969. The first-ever festival was organized in a dairy farm located in Bethel, New York. It was intended for about forty thousand attendees, instead nearly half a million people attended this festival. It was a three-day music festival, marketed as an Aquarian

Experience offering three full days of Peace and Music. It used to be a coveted musical extravaganza that became synonymous with the 1960s counterculture movement. Woodstock festival was a hugely successful event, despite that it was hindered by bad weather, last-minute venue changes, and hordes of attendees. It was also criticized for becoming a hub of drugs, sex, and rock and roll. Still, it managed to create waves among the masses, especially music lovers. It remained a peaceful event and earned a place in pop culture history.

1969: Woodstock

It was the brainchild of four young men, namely John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfeld, and Michael Lang. They all were looking for a profitable and innovative investment opportunity. Given the influential role music played in that era, they considered holding a musical event an incredibly fruitful strategy. Kornfeld was the vice president of Capitol Records. Lang has already organized the Miami Music Festival in 1968, whereas Roberts and Rosenman were New York-based entrepreneurs. The four men came together to form Woodstock Ventures Inc. 

This photo was taken on day 2 of the Woodstock festival of 1969 of two of the most powerful female voices in rock and roll history, Janis Joplin and Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship.

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