These Are The Most Generous Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood is all fame, glamour and money. When one enters into that realm, they earn more than what we can imagine. Just a single movie can skyrocket their wealth; just one contract can turn them into millionaires. And then much more.

On the other side, there are people, philanthropists, who have to go through hardships so as to raise money for the needy and downtrodden in fundraising events, for instance. To help those needy and downtrodden, celebrities do come forward and contribute. Some of them prefer religious organizations, some prefer donating to the organizations which have pledged to fight non-traditional security issues, etc.

Having said that, here is the list of 20 Hollywood Celebrities who give the most to charity.

 Oprah Winfrey

Photo: Wiki Commons / Public Domain / Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is truly a rags to riches story. She is an example that regardless of the color of your skin, if you are determined enough and have the will to fight through poverty and any obstacles put in your path to obtain your goal…in this great country of America, you can do it. You can be the poorest African American little girl from Mississippi and become a media tycoon billionaire. What is required is hard work not hand outs.

This American television host is an inspiration for many aspiring hosts and philanthropists alike. Her stride toward success is no ordinary story; and with success came a handsome number of dollars in her bank accounts. But, unlike many other billionaires—yes, her net worth is well above $2 billion, she plans to contribute to an altruistic cause i.e. education for youth, especially girls, in developing countries. Up until now, she has given away over $40 million to charities. She is head of the eponymous charity Oprah Winfrey Foundation, and the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Photo: Wiki Commons / Public Domain

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was Hollywood royalty and probably the most beautiful couple in modern Hollywood. They were not only blessed with good looks, good fortune but they together were one of the most philanthropic couple. Both of these actors together as well as separately are known to give most to charity. Although they were once married to each other, the couple legally broke up in 2019. Regardless of their separation, they continue to make a change in this world. They are believed to have given more than $8 million for charity, not to mention the work they have done for refugees, human rights, and children. This couple also adopted three children so as to provide them with a life they deserve.

When Angelina adopted her first son, Maddox from Cambodia, she created Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation which has donated more than $41 million to various charities. The donated money most came from four movie deals and selling of various photo covers of their children and wedding coverage. Since their split, Angelina has continued to make contributions to MJP Foundation but Brad has chosen to take his charity elsewhere.

Mel Gibson

Photo: Pintrest / Mel Gibson

With some clear-cut inclination towards Catholicism, Mel is sometimes treated harshly. Journalists and fans alike flinch when he speaks his mind accidentally uncensored… Poor Mel, many forget he is an Academy Award winning director (Braveheart) and perhaps one of the best actor and director combination that Hollywood has ever had. Mel is slowly making his comeback with the Hollywood studios and we hope to see truly epic movies coming from this extremely talented man.

However, what they do not understand is Mel Gibson is one of the most charitable celebrities we have today, the fact that he is actually giving away his money for causes that he believe in; that, he is being selfless when it comes to the money he made. Mel has a net worth of $425 million. Amongst his most notable donations are the $10 million to hospitals, $1 million to Mexico when Hurricane Stan wreaked havoc in the country. Mel Gibson is a devout Catholic so it doesn’t surprise us that he has donated north of $15 million to Catholic Churches such as the Holy Family Church in the amount $6,853,020 to the AP Reilly Foundation that he set up for such Catholic church related causes.

Morgan Freeman

Photo: Pintrest / Morgan Freeman

The last, the legend Morgan Freeman. He is famous for his acting skills, his uniquely authoritative voice, and the feel of the character he possesses. What most people don’t know is the depth of his contributions to altruistic and charitable causes. Though this man maintains, as of now, around $250 million in his keeping, his contributions are of gargantuan scale. With his RRF, he donates for the furthering of arts and education. Among his various philanthropist goals is education for every single child around the globe. Add to this his attitude towards charity: he says that he doesn’t consider what he does as charity, rather he is doing what we ought to do!

Also what many fans do not know is that this Academy Award winning actor truly understand the important role bees play in our agriculture environment and ecosystem. He recently in 2019 donated 124 acres of his private land in Mississippi to be a bee sanctuary in order to combat the decreasing numbers of bees in this country. He also bought twenty-six bee hived from Arkansas and brought them to his bee sanctuary to help them get started.

“I have not ever used the beekeeping hat with my bees. They haven’t stung me yet, as right now I am not trying to harvest honey or anything, but I just feed them…I also think that they understand, ‘Hey, don’t bother this guy, he’s got sugar water here.” 

 Jamie Gertz

Photo: Yahoo / Jamie Getz, Antony Ressler

Most of us know Jamie from movies like Less Than Zero, Sixteen Candles, etc. but what we don’t know much about is the magnitude of altruism she possesses. She is a philanthropist at heart. When she married businessman (Antony Ressler) in 1989, the couple’s minds found harmony in each other’s intentions. When Jamie Gertz married Antony Ressler, she was a working movie star and was the bread winner of the couple. Antony however outdid Jamie a few billion folds as he is a private equity tycoon billionaire that is worth in the ballpark of $4.3 billion. Both Jamie and Antony went on to establish their own Gertz-Ressler charity organization that donated more than $10 million. The objects of their donations range from Education and Health to Jewish causes.

Sandra Bullock

Photo: Wiki Commons / Public Domain

Some people donate with or without a reason and some needs a kind of a kick for it… a nudge. Sandra Bullock belongs to the latter category. Though a famed actress, she was not known for donating to charity until an earthquake struck in Haiti. Following the catastrophe, Sandra readily donated $1 million to relief programs in the country. Another of her $1 million was donated to Japan when the similar disaster turned life in the country upside down.

Sandra Bullock over the years have given a huge chunk of her fortune. Since 2001, she have given $5 million to the Red Cross. This native Texan had donated $250,000 to the Texas Food Bank during the 2021 Cold Freeze that hit Texas with a vengeance… and not to mention the six thousand masks that was so desperately needed in the early days of the Wuhan COVID-19 pandemics when there was a shortages of masks and nearly everything else. What makes Sandra exceptionally great is the fact that she donates quietly and does not do it for any kind of recognition…. simply out of the goodness of her heart.

Sam Simon

Photo: Pintrest

Next on the list: the late creator of The Simpsons. At the time of his death, Simon had around $100 million of net worth to his estate. He was married twice, first to actress Jennifer Tilly and second to a Playboy Playmate Jami Ferrell that lasted three weeks. Sam was had been a diehard vegan since the age of nineteen and a huge advocate for PETA. Few know about Sam Simon and his contribution to all the charities that he supported in his lifetime… because he simply was not a “celebrity” so he sadly does not get the media coverage. According to reports, he is said to have given more than $1.8 million to charity.  He is, though, featured on Forbes as one of the biggest charitable persons.

Upon his death at the age of 59 years old from colorectal cancer that had spread to his vital organs, he bequethed his entire fortune of approximately $100 million to all the charities that he had supported while he was alive. “The truth is, I have more money than I’m interested in spending. Everyone in my family is taken care of. And I enjoy this” sad Sam.

Christopher Reeve

Photo: Pintrest / Dana and Christopher Reeves

At one point in our life, we feel that nothing can harm us. I will live to be 100. And then life pulls you back to reality. Christopher Reeve may not have thought about helping the disabled and paralyzed until he himself was injured and was paralyzed back in 1995. Soon after, he became a member of a American Paralysis Association (APA) and then he helped the organization raise more than $5 million. He put in so much efforts that that organization was named after him after he died. After Christopher Reeves died, his wife Dana bears that torch.

Sadly in 2006, Dana Reeves died from lung cancer. The Reeves Foundation was renamed the Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation and continues to raise funds and awareness for those who are paralyzed from spinal cord injuries. Christopher Reeves left more than our ideal image of what Superman is, he is our true Superman as he gave the world a gift that gives on giving by creating the foundation.

Barbara Streisand

Photo: Wiki Commons / Public Domain

Barbara Streisand is perhaps one of the most philanthropic celebrity on this list. This actress, as well as Grammy winning singer is a Hollywood veteran and to be honest: her career goes as far back as the 1960. Because of this extended, and equally successful career, she is now in possession of more than $340 million of personal net worth. Barbara’s philanthropy works entails fundraising efforts from her performances for The Streisand Foundations.

Her philanthropic efforts have donated over $40 millions through her foundation as well as from her personal wealth. for various causes including, women’s cardiovascular research, women’s issues, education, civil rights and civil liberties to name a few. This songbird’s voice is not only beautiful but so is her generous heart.

Meryl Streep

Photo: Wiki Commons / Public Domain

Mary Louise (Meryl) Streep is an icon, a symbol of acting. She is sometimes referred to as the best actresses the generation has ever seen. That is her grandeur and caliber. When it comes to numbers, she is believed to have more than $90 million in her accounts. However, she has a compassionate heart; ergo the donations through SMFA which was north of $4 million. Not only that, her husband is equally in in this endeavor: the couple is sometimes compared to the Gates of Hollywood.

George Lucas

Photo: Wiki Commons / Public Domain

George Lucas has become a brand in his own right. Most people know him because of Star Wars and/or Indiana Jones. Well, let us present to you another side of this genius: Lucas has given away more than $4 million to charity through his namesake educational and film charity organizations. Reports have it that he intends to give a portion of his land away as well.

Larry The Cable Guy

Photo: Wiki Commons / Public Domain

Daniel Lawrence Whitney is more commonly known as Larry The Cable Guy because of his appearances in his comedy show. He indeed makes people laugh with his acting, not to mention he offers a helping hand to the needy. As part of his tour, he raised more than $6 million as part of an organization known as Git-R-Done. This organization focuses and helps people by assisting them and their families financially.

Jerry Seinfeld

Photo: ET

On screen, Jerry is seen as a cold, apathic man. In reality, however, the story is entirely different. He is a man with an empathetic heart. That is why he has raised more than $1 million for charitable causes which include health and education, arts, and Jewish organizations. The major recipients of the donations he has made are organizations like Autism Speaks, SK Memorial Hospital, NPCA, and SUFAC. Never judge a book by its cover.

Matthew McConaughey

Photo: Wiki Commons / Public Domain

In Interstellar, McConaughey accepts the mission to save the humanity. In reality, his ideas conform with the roles he plays in his movies and that is by establishing a charity organization, which has raised more than $1.5 million. Matthew McConaughey is not only one of the sexiest and funniest actor we have in present day, but he is also one of the most generous human beings as he has contributes to help those in need. Majority of his contributions is directed toward education as his father was a teacher; not to mention his acting which has inspired tens of thousands. If you are looking to contribute, you may do so by visiting the website of his organization at

 Alec Baldwin

Photo: Wiki Commons / Domain Public

Baldwin of Jerusalem was known for his principles and empathy. This man from Hollywood, with a similar last name, shows those traits as well. He is an empath, and wishes to share his wealth with others who need it. Though he donates to charity quite often, his $1 million to NY Philharmonic and $0.5 million to RTC remains noteworthy. As much controversial he is, Baldwin’s contribution to the fields of education and arts are commendable.

Marlo Thomas

Photo: Wiki Commons / Domain Public

Every list of the celebrities who give most to charity remains incomplete until she is included. After inheriting their father’s philanthropy project in the shape of St. Jude’s Hospital, she and her brother took it upon themselves to further the altruistic project—and they did. Getting her acting skills, fame and fashion sense in use, Marlo has been successful to raise more than $1 million to further contribute to charity. No one in Hollywood can be credited to have done as much for children suffering from cancer.

 Lance Armstrong


Lance’s character is controversial indeed, but his dedication and efforts toward cancer patients is extraordinary; something Lance ought to be known for. On tracks, he beat his opponents; in hospital, he beat cancer. And this kindled a fire inside him that led him to the path of philanthropy. As a cancer survivor, and as a sports icon, he laid the foundations of LiveStrong to help cancer patients, to give them hope. As of now, his organization generates over $48 million a year which is directed toward those fighting cancer.

The LiveStrong wristband was created by Nike in 2004 and was sold for $1 each with eighty-one cents of each wristband sold going directly towards fighting cancer. In eight years, the Lance Armstrong Foundation sold over 100 million wristbands. By 2012, the appeal of the band had died when Lance Armstrong was implicated and found guilty for doping in all of sport history. He was stripped from all of his Tour de France titles and lost all sponsorship deals.

The Smiths

Photo: Getty Images

Nope, not those Smiths. This is the Smith family: Will and Jada Smith. Though the rift between these two is apparent now—thanks to media, these two have been thorough generous when it comes to charity. Through their eponymous charity foundation, the Smiths have given around $3 million in charity. Of the recipients, Lupus Foundation, Baltimore School, Make-A-Wish Foundation remain worthy of noting.

Victoria Principal

Photo: Pintrest

Known for Naked Lie and The Abduction, Victoria Principal has long left the glamorous life of spotlights, cameras and whatnot. Now, she enjoys her life as a settled businesswoman and as a donor to various charity organizations including the eponymous one. The latter has given away around $350,000 to various causes, and there are grants given as well to organizations like GreenPeace, NRDC and Oceana.

Amy Schumer

Photo: Wiki Commons / Public Domain

Next on the list of Hollywood celebrities who give most to charity is the comedienne Amy Schumer. She is known to have ardently supported National MS Society, and her efforts to raise around $176,000 for the organization remain noteworthy.