Why Hollywood Is Reluctant To Cast These Actors

Hollywood’s fame, sometimes, is like a bubble. Within no-time it rises to the sky and a single mistake will cause it to burst. Numerous celebrities have faced this dilemma in their Hollywood careers and problems like sex-scandals, drug, addiction and personal grudges has thrown them out of the stream…and with the studios’ woke progressive approach, often times, a tweet from the wrong political party will also get you black listed, case in point; Disney putting the kybosh on Gina Carano’s acting career. The explicit examples of such celebrities include Tobey Maguire being discarded because of his illegal poker ring, Jim Carry’s infamous legal fight over his girlfriend’s suicide, and above all Kiefer Sutherland’s media trash-talk which compelled most of the Hollywood directors to call their bid off from him.

Although it is quite difficult to determine the reason why these celebrities have to face such career setbacks, we have tried our best to find the factors contributing to this. We have brought a list of case studies of such actors and have analyzed them so as to fine why Hollywood is reluctant to cast them again.