Husband Divorces Wife After Taking a Close Look At This Photo

A photograph can make or break a relationship. It seems impossible, right? Well, what if we can prove it to you. Would you still deny accepting this hard fact? We bet you won’t be able to do that after hearing this intimidating and somewhat heartbreaking account of how all hell broke loose due to one photograph. In the story we are sharing with you today, you will realize the significance of images and expressions in anyone’s life.

Another thing this story tells us is to start noticing our pictures a bit more closely, as one wrong move can lead to devastating consequences. This is the story of Lauren and Kevin. The two were college sweethearts and got married soon after they graduated. Their life looked perfect as they completed two years as a couple, and then this happened. The same happened with this couple, who had a difficult time due to a seemingly harmless photograph. We know you cannot wait anymore for the twist so let’s start the slideshow.

If Innocence had a Face, This Could Be It!

The newlyweds were leading a blissful married life. Their life seemed perfect as they had been together for over two years now, and they thought they knew each other well. Their chemistry was sizzling and bond powerful? Then what could have gone wrong in their lives? It all started after Kevin received a promotion at work, and his new responsibilities involved making frequent trips to different cities.

Long-distance relationships never work well in any couple’s favor. Is this why they started having issues? You never know because it is between the couple. But, look at this cute smile and innocent looks. How can we speculate anything wrong about this couple? They were so in love, but Kevin’s frequent out-of-town trips made it difficult for them to keep up with their day-to-day activities. Can we blame Kevin for this/? Not really, he had no choice, and clearly, when a couple has to stay separated from each other, problems emerge.

But Looks can be Deceiving…..

Lauren was an avid blogger. So, initially, her husband’s absence didn’t affect her too much as she spent most of her time in front of the computer every day. Occasionally she visited the nearby café to have coffee. The only purpose she left the house was to socialize and spend some time outdoors. Otherwise, she was okay living indoors while he husband was away for work. But then it started affecting her emotionally. She felt lonely at times when Kevin wasn’t there.

It didn’t take much time for Lauren to turn this loneliness into feelings of neglect. When a person feels neglected, they will seek solace and companionship elsewhere. The gap created by Kevin’s absence was getting bigger, and Kevin wasn’t ready to realize it just yet. It isn’t that he didn’t miss her or didn’t want to be around deliberately. He was just out of options. That’s why we say looks can be deceptive, as someone who looked so innocent and content in a photo can actually be hiding an ocean of mixed emotions.

Reality is Stranger than Fiction- Almost Always

Kevin’s business trips were getting longer, and this was now impacting Lauren physically and emotionally. She didn’t want to do anything because he wasn’t around. Sometimes, she didn’t even want to get out of bed. Then she slowly became accustomed to this routine. In a way, she accepted that her husband would be away most of the time every month. This wasn’t a great feeling, but she had to cope.

So, she developed a new routine of her own in which she didn’t need to look for Kevin all the time and do things on her own. That’s a detrimental thing for any relationship, but it is worse for a married couple. You miss your better half and have no control over your emotions. But, with time, those emotions get dispersed, and you find a new way to live your life, where you don’t really need your loved one to be around all the time. That’s when troubles begin.

The Photo That Changed Everything

Lauren decided to stay in touch with Kevin while he was away on his trips, so she sent him her photos to let him know how much she misses him. On one such trip, when Kevin was away for almost twenty days, Lauren sent him a new photo of hers. At first glance, Kevin loved the photo. He thought to himself how cute she looked and wanted to talk to her right away. He was in a meeting that evening and decided to call her late at night.

When he got back home, Kevin opened his PC and took a closer look at his beautiful wife. Indeed, she looked cute. He felt that this is just another innocent pose of Lauren as she had nice features and a charming smile. Then he zoomed in a bit to try to be close to her as much as possible. He loved her, after all. She was Kevin’s wife and his whole world. He loved her more than anything and missed her too.

Take a Look…

Kevin was naturally thrilled to see his beautiful and innocent-looking wife and wanted to be there with her. He had been away for almost three weeks. He started feeling homesick all of a sudden. This unsuspecting husband did not realize that looks can be deceiving, and this photo hides a secret that he will know about pretty soon. At the moment, Kevin was just in awe of his wife’s beauty.

When Kevin took a closer look at this photo, he noticed something that literally changed their life as a married couple in the most unpredictable manner. You may have seen this happening in movies and TV shows, but this was real life, indicating that anything is possible in this age and time. Have you seen femme Fatales who mesmerize the hero in a movie to fulfill their ulterior motives? A somewhat similar situation was at hand. The difference was that this was happening in real life.

This Time, Look Closely

Now that you have seen the picture, can you identify what is so wrong in this photo that forced Kevin to have second thoughts about their relationship? He was feeling homesick and wanted to be close to his wife now more than ever. And, suddenly, he transforms into an investigator, zooming in and out to find answers.

What could be wrong? Isn’t it a photo showing a pretty young girl with the cutest smile on earth? Her outfit is quite casual, and she is in her bedroom, sitting on her bed in a reclining pose. So, this means she is in a good and relaxed mood. Besides Lauren, we can see some pillows, and a full-size fan is placed relatively close to the bed. It is so close that we feel it could be dangerous for her safety. Then there are reading glasses, a smartphone connected to its charger.

Did You Notice It Yet????

They say that a picture can say a thousand words. But in this case, the picture says just one word, and that is…betrayal. If you examine this photo closely, like a detective looking for hidden clues, you may be able to find it out before we make the big reveal. So, did you notice something? Could you find it out? What… You couldn’t find anything unusual? We can help you with a clue. Focus on the far right part of the photo. Concentrate on this portion because every pixel has important information for you. In minutes, this otherwise simplistic photo will turn into a nightmare and send chills down your spine.

“I’m not really sure why. But… do you stop loving someone just because they betray you? I don’t think so. That’s what makes the betrayal hurt so much – pain, frustration, anger… and I still loved her. I still do.” ― Brandon Sanderson, The Final Empire.

Okay….Enough of this Guessing Game!

What appeared to be a routine picture Lauren took in her own bedroom when she was supposedly alone and confidently sent it to her husband wasn’t actually as innocent and simple. It hid an ugly truth that Kevin never even thought about in his wildest dreams. In the photo, Lauren seems to be feeling so hot due to the warm weather out there that she wanted to keep that huge, bulky fan next to her.

There’s nothing fishy going on. She just wants to stay cool, guys. At least, that’s what Lauren wanted to portray to her dearest husband. But the thing didn’t go in her favor. Deception is never the answer to anything, let alone a relationship. “It was a mistake,” you said. But the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you.” ― David Levithan, The Lover’s Dictionary.

Oh My Gosh- Someone is Staring at You…

So, here’s the big reveal. Two thumbs up if you guessed it right, and for those who couldn’t, better luck next time. Well, jokes apart, this is quite a devastating situation. A man is staring back at you. So, this means this individual was hiding beneath the bed. For Kevin, this must have been a deadly surprise. He trusted his wife, and that’s why he left her alone in their home so confidently.

It was just a photo of his wife, but the revelation it made for Kevin was enough to break his heart and force him to question his wife’s honesty. It is heartbreaking that his confidence and trust were shattered so terribly. But, what hit him the most was the realization that his love wasn’t as strong in Lauren’s heart. Probably that’s why it was so easy for her to cheat on him.

The Deadly Secret

The husband has got proof that his wife can never deny. Still, he wanted to wait for some time to confront his wife. It was a shocking revelation, and his mind was unable to process this information. He stared at Lauren’s photo in disbelief and kept thinking about just one thing- how can Lauren send him this photo. Couldn’t she identify that the man is hiding under the bed?

But, what surprised us more is that even you couldn’t detect this man at the bottom right corner of the photo. He is staring straight at us, which indicates that this photo wasn’t planned; otherwise he would have tried to hide his face. Just like you, Kevin was skeptical of whether there was a man or not. So, he asked his friends on Facebook to locate a man, and they all said there was indeed a man hiding, thus, validating Kevin’s observation. So, what did he do next?

The Man Blended In

The reason we all found it hard to notice this man in the first glimpse at this photo was because he just blended in so well. The wood color matched with his face color, and hence, we couldn’t spot him immediately. But, there indeed seemed to be something fishy about this photo. If you focus on Lauren only, you will never notice this deadly secret.

So, should we conclude that Lauren has been cheating on Kevin? Well, anyone would think so. Why else would there be a man in her room, hiding behind her bed? It could be a thief or a ghost, maybe. But, there doesn’t really justify anything.  Kevin must ask for an explanation from her. He deserves to know the truth as to what has been going on in his absence.

Time to Investigate

Kevin didn’t notice this man in the first look at this photo. Lauren looks so innocent, and the way she is looking at the camera cannot give anyone doubt about her love and dedication to her husband. Still, the fact cannot be denied that there’s a man in her bedroom, and he is hiding. If there weren’t anything going on between them, he wouldn’t be hiding.

When Kevin spotted the man, he went into a state of shock and disbelief. He couldn’t believe his beloved wife was cheating. So, he wanted a proper closure before formally divorcing her. He wanted to confront her, but she would easily deny or create some story to cover up and clear her position. So, Kevin decided to hire a detective to find out what his wife has been up to when he is out of town. What did he find out?

Kevin was Planning Lauren’s Birthday

It is indeed ironic that Kevin learned about his wife’s activities in his absence when he was planning her birthday. He wanted to surprise her, but she gave him the shock of his life. He couldn’t help remember a few lines from David Levithan’s The Lover’s Dictionary that read: “Who came up with the term cheating, anyway? A cheater, I imagine. Someone who thought liar was too harsh. Someone who thought devastator was too emotional. This isn’t about slipping yourself an extra twenty dollars of Monopoly money. These are our lives. You went and broke our lives. You are so much worse than a cheater. You killed something. And you killed it when its back was turned.”

These are eye-opening lines explaining the real trauma behind cheating. We couldn’t help thinking, why do people cheat? Why?

Why Do People Cheat in a Relationship?

Is it boredom, feelings of loneliness, mistrust of your partner’s loyalty, urge to eat that forbidden fruit, or something else. Kevin constantly thought about why his wife decided to cheat on him. Was it so easy for her? While being away from her for so many days, he never even once thought about straying. Even though he knew there is no way Lauren will know if he started an affair with someone.

Still, he was loyal to her. He understood the sanctity of their relationship. And, all this while, he kept himself busy planning for a surprise 28th birthday party for his beautiful wife. He thought she deserved the world because she had stayed along for almost three weeks. Kevin even asked his wife about how she wanted to celebrate her 28th birthday, to which she replied that she wasn’t interested in celebrating it. She also told him that she would be working overtime that day.

She Didn’t Suspect Anything!

Lauren was a nurse apart from being a part-time blogger. So, she conveniently told Kevin that she wouldn’t be available on her birthday as she would be at work. If it were some other time, Kevin would have believed every word of hers. But, not this time. His gut feeling was that Lauren was lying to him. Hence, he decided to play along.

Kevin didn’t let Lauren suspect anything and continued to behave as nothing had happened. He showered her with love and affection like he always did. Even called her every day. But, from within, he had lost hope and had nothing to lose. He didn’t want Lauren to suspect anything because he wanted to catch her red-handed. So, he told his wife that he would be busy the entire week, and that’s why he was unable to plan her birthday. He promised her that when he returns to the city, they will go on a holiday together.

Surprise Surprise

Lauren didn’t suspect anything at all. She thought her husband would be at work. She had no idea that Kevin was planning a huge surprise on her birthday. No, you’re mistaken. He wasn’t going to divorce her, not just yet. He wanted to expose her in front of all family members and friends. He called up his parents, his wife’s parents, sisters, and their common friends.

Kevin asked them to keep it secret that they all were gathering at his home to celebrate Lauren’s 28th birthday, and they also agreed. None of them had any clue regarding what was going on. On her birthday, Kevin was most thrilled as he was about to expose his wife. He felt terrible for her family and friends as they were clueless about her wrongdoings. Then came the moment he had been waiting for. He opened the bedroom door, and everyone said Surprise, Surprise!

Calling it Quits…..

It was an awkward situation for everyone except Kevin. He felt relieved because the deed was done. He wanted Lauren to endure the same embarrassment and humiliation that he had felt after looking at the photo. But for the guests, this turned out to be a night they could never forget. If he can’t kill her for what she did to him…. he decided to kill her car instead.

“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.”― Suzanne Collins.

Lauren was in bed with another man

Understandably, everyone was shocked, including Lauren. No one could suspect Kevin. Instead, they felt sympathetic for him as he appeared to them a husband who just wanted to surprise his wife on her birthday.

Still, we cannot understand how that man could fit in such a congested space. That’s the end of Kevin and Lauren’s story, but the mystery continues…..

A Story of Another Man Divorcing His Woman After a Wrong Photograph Sent

We are constantly glued to social media and smartphones. Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, so many platforms are there to document every minor and major event of our lives. And since cameras are now a mandatory part of every smartphone and other handheld devices, sharing photos and videos with your loved ones when they are away from you seems like the best way to stay in touch.

However, as they say, with blessings come bane. Digital communications are an easy way to stay updated about your loved ones, but a slight error or glitch can even drive you apart. This ease of access to media and technology also has its fair share of pros and cons. That’s what happened to Iris from Portugal. She sent her photo to her husband, who was away for work, and he decided to part ways with her. What could’ve been wrong with it? Today, we will share their whole story and its twisted ending.

A Perfect Couple

Meet Iris and Thomas- two young, ambitious and successful individuals. They had everything going in their favor. They were beautiful and very talented, and their friends considered them a match made in heaven. It is definitely hard to find true love in today’s age, so everyone thought they were lucky to hit the bull’s eye and find each other.

Iris had recently finished her education. She graduated from a fashion school and was keen on pursuing a career in the world of fashion. On the other hand, the handsome hunk Thomas was in the insurance sector and had a suitable, well-paying job. He was a dedicated employee. However, the only thing that irked Iris the most was that Thomas had to go away for many days because of his job. Being away from your partner is never a good feeling, and in the end, they both have to pay its price…..

Finding Love

Iris was a stunningly beautiful girl. She was well-educated, stylish, and had a pleasant sense of humor. This quality made her even more attractive to people. Iris had recently graduated and was looking for a job in the fashion industry. In short, her life was going in the right direction.

The only thing lacking in her life was companionship. She was still single and ready to mingle. But, Iris was unable to find a suitable match for her. Her friends were surprised that she couldn’t find the right man for herself. After all, she was gorgeous. Men frequently bought her drinks and asked her out. However, the problem with Iris was that she had social anxiety. That was what was holding her back. Her friends realized this issue and found a way to deal with it.

Giving Dating App a Try

Iris’s friend asked her to give dating apps a try. Most of her friends have found their matches through dating apps. That’s why they believed in its effectiveness. So, Iris was encouraged to try her luck. She was initially reluctant, like always, but she found it a bit more convenient since it was a digital platform. She had all the time in the world to know the person before actually meeting the guy.

What Iris found most unrealistic is meeting a stranger for dinner and spending time with them. It was something that intensified her social anxiety more. But, she also wanted to find true love. Almost all her friends were either married or in a relationship while she was still looking for love. When they met, Iris always felt isolated and incomplete. So, was using a dating app a good idea?

The Dark Side of Dating Apps

Although reluctantly and nervously, Iris finally created her account on a dating app, which her friends referred to her. This was the very first time Iris was trying on her own to find her match. So far, men themselves contacted her and asked her out. So, there were mixed feelings in her heart regarding what would happen now.

Many questions thwarted her mind the instant she registered on the website. Will she find true love? Will people consider her desirable enough to contact her? And similar other confusing thoughts plagued her mind. She was skeptical whether the dating app ever worked or not. Soon enough, she realized that it had a dark side to it. She was bombarded with indecent messages from men from different parts of the world. She found those messages gross, and one day she decided to block her account.

Finally….. a Match

Just when Iris was about to hit that deactivate your account button, a message popped up on her display screen. She was surprised and halted the deactivation process for some time. Iris wanted to check this last message before fully giving up hope. And it turned out to be a good one. This message was from a handsome guy named Thomas. His message was pretty cute, and Iris instantly felt attracted to him.

Finally, there was someone who had some decency and etiquette. The two exchanged a few chat sessions, which became an all-day-long thing. They were constantly on phones talking to each other. Within no time, Iris realized that she was falling for this guy. Now, she had to meet him in person and surprisingly, she didn’t feel anxious or nervous at all. Instead, all she could feel was excitement, thrill, and happiness. But they had no idea that there was a surprise in store.

Love at first sight

From that very first glance Thomas and Iris shared with each other, they felt the spark. Thomas instantly felt drawn towards this gorgeous woman, and for Iris, he turned out to be the man of her dreams, her knight in shinning armor. For both of them, it was love at first sight.

They had a great time together and decided to meet again. The best thing that happened during their first meeting was that Thomas helped calm down and ease her social anxiety. Soon enough, they met frequently and spent almost all of their free time together. Clearly, they were in love. But were they ready to get committed?

Surprise getaway

Thomas was thinking of proposing to Iris. He was ready to take their relationship to the next level, but he was confused about her feelings. Did she also feel the same way about him as he did? His gut feeling told him that she indeed was ready to tie the knot with him.

So, Thomas started planning for the grand proposal. He quickly picked the perfect romantic spot. It was a tropical, secluded resort where the two could spend some quality time together without anyone’s interruption. And then the moment he had been waiting for so long arrived when Thomas told Iris about the surprise getaway. Iris was in the seventh sky. But that was just one of the many surprises that awaited Iris on that trip.

Thomas proposes

Iris started packing her stuff, and days went by quickly. It was now time to get off to their romantic paradise. After they landed at their destination, the two dived straight into holiday mode. Their days were spent soaking up the beachy sun and their evenings entailed exploring the romantic sports of the town. Iris was having the time of her life, and Thomas was happy that she enjoyed it so much.

When it was the last night at the resort, Thomas decided to pop the big question. He took her to the beach, and as they got closer to the water, Iris noticed a board with bright lights spelling out a question… It wasn’t just any question. She had been waiting for this question for a lifetime. Thomas had asked her to marry him. Iris got emotional and teary-eyed when she shouted yes. That was the perfect end to an ideal getaway.

A perfect wedding

Thomas and Iris got engaged on the island. They had been together for a year and thought it was the right time to tie the knot. So, upon their return, both invited their friends to a joint party and shared the surprise. They all were happy and started planning for their wedding.

Iris and Thomas both wanted a small but elegant wedding. They invited their closest family members and friends only. It was a very private affair. But, what mattered was that Iris and Thomas were happy. Their wedding was a beautiful event, and all the guests felt that there was romance in the room.

Their careers

Soon after their wedding, Thomas and Iris left for their honeymoon. Life seemed beautiful at that time. They had nothing to worry about except for each other’s happiness. Thomas did everything in his capacity to make Iris happy, and she also did the same.

After returning home, Iris busied herself with household chores and decorating the place. They had recently bought an apartment. She had to work from home and had plenty of free time at hand. Thomas, however, wasn’t as lucky and had to go to the office. He was an ambitious person and wanted to earn enough money to provide his wife with a good and satisfying life. But, God always has other plans, and for Thomas, there was something stressful in store right after his wedding.


One day, Thomas received a call from his boss, who told him that the company was undergoing downsizing and he was among those who were fired. It was a massive setback for Thomas. He had used most of his savings on his wedding, and now Iris was the sole breadwinner. He felt defeated for the first time.

On the other hand, Iris was also going through a financial crunch. She had spent huge sums of money on her new apartment’s furnishing, and now that Thomas wasn’t earning too, the couple’s life took a massive hit. Thomas had to find a new job as quickly as he could. He tried everywhere and luckily got a call from a firm. It turned out to be the turning point of his career and marriage as well.

New Job

Thomas was relieved to get employed again. He had seen a hard time while hunting for a job and earned it after a dozen unsuccessful interviews. The only thing that kept him motivated towards his end goal was his determined approach. After every failed interview, he didn’t feel defeated or hopeless because he looked at Iris and found his motivation.

He had gotten employed at an insurance firm as an insurance agent. Since Thomas was desperate for a job, he spent no time thinking when he got the call. However, now that he was officially a part of the firm, he was worried about Iris’s reaction. His job required him to be away for many days. Iris never liked this arrangement even before. Iris bid him farewell on his first trip with a kiss and a lovely smile. She was trying her best to be supportive of her husband.

Finally—He’s Home

The first trip away from his wife was hellish. Thomas kept thinking about Iris, and the same was her case. Both were mostly on-call during their non-working hours. Thomas was told that he would get promoted within six months if he kept traveling constantly. This was a good enough reason to travel out of the city.

When he returned home after his first successful trip, Iris was excited. She had decorated the whole house with candles, cooked his favorite meal, and they spent a great time together. Thomas promised her that he won’t have to go away for a long time now and was home. But, his boss had other plans.

Another Setback

Thomas received a call from his employer telling him that one of his colleagues had gotten sick and now he had to fill in. This employee was required to make many week-long business trips in a month. Thomas had enough experience to perform this job until the employee recovered.

But, this caused tension between Thomas and Iris. She was unhappy because he would be away most of the time. Thomas had no say in this matter, and he had to accept the offer. This way, two years went by. Thomas and Iris met each other on alternate weekends only, and during the weekdays, he was away on the road for his job while she stayed home, alone. Thomas felt guilty for making his wife lonely, while Iris felt betrayed and sad.

Coping With Long Distance Relationship

The hard work was paying off, and Thomas received good feedback from his boss. He had been promoted and got a raise as well. Iris still supported him since the income was reasonable enough to help them live a luxurious life. But emotionally, she felt numb.

For most of the time, Iris kept herself busy decorating the place. But then came a time that this arrangement started frustrating her. She could only communicate with her husband through messaging apps or social media. That wasn’t what she had expected from marriage.

Drifting Apart

A few more years passed, and Thomas’s routine remained the same. Things weren’t as easy for Iris anymore, and she was now openly expressing her growing resentment. Thomas didn’t listen because he knew he was pretty close to getting promoted, and once he did, he won’t need to go away at all.

It isn’t that Thomas didn’t miss Iris. He loved her a lot and wanted to be with her, but now his business trips required him to make foreign trips too. This was way too much for Iris to handle, and she was visibly unhappy. Giving up hope, she messaged Thomas, informing him that she wanted this routine to change. Thomas had to take a hard decision now.

Change of Career

Thomas wanted to save his marriage with Iris and was ready to change his career. So, he started looking for job opportunities close to their home. He had gained plenty of experience from his previous job. Therefore, he was sure he would get a better job where he won’t have to travel so much this time.

While Thomas was on a job hunt, he made a mistake not taking his wife onboard this decision. He was happy with the decision but was waiting for the right time to reveal it to her when he got the appointment letter. That would prove the purity of his love and sincerity of feelings to Iris. However, sometimes, surprises can cause more harm than good.

Marital Woes

Several weeks and many, many job interviews later, Thomas finally landed the job of his dreams. He was out of the city and was expected to be back home after a week. Thomas was thrilled to share this news with his wife, but he wanted to do it in person and not on the phone. He longed to tell her that things would become normal again very soon.

However, back at home, Iris was a changed person. She was a victim of severe loneliness and neglect from her husband, which took a toll on her personality. When Thomas arrived home, he noticed changes in her behavior. She wasn’t the same person anymore. As soon as he entered the home, Iris started shouting at him, and the two had a huge fight.

An Unusual Encounter

Thomas, who was eager to share the big news with her, felt defeated. He had been working day and night to make amends, but Iris was not ready to listen to anything. So, he decided to leave the house that night and went to a bar. He had no idea this decision would have such a lasting impact on his life.

While drinking beer at a local bar, he saw a gorgeous woman sitting right across from him. As the two locked eyes, they felt attracted and started chatting. Soon enough, they were sitting together, drinking, and talking. Eventually, they got intoxicated, and Thomas found himself drawn towards this mystery woman.


Thomas couldn’t help feeling attracted towards this lady, who was gently caressing his hair and trying to comfort him despite being strangers a few hours ago. She asked him to come to her place for the night, and he agreed. He wanted to be with her too.

It’s not that Thomas didn’t love Iris anymore. He really did, and he felt guilty for staying the night in the hotel room with that woman. However, he did it all in the spur of the moment and didn’t actually want to get involved in infidelity. Thomas thought this encounter would threaten his marriage, but he had no idea it would be something else that would lead to their divorce.

Keeping Secrets

Thomas knew if he told Iris about this encounter with that woman from the bar, Iris would leave him there and then. He knew her very well by then. Already she was furious, and now when she would learn that Thomas has cheated on her, Iris would not take it lightly. Therefore, Thomas decided to keep the one-night-stand a secret from Iris to save his marriage.

So, he called Iris and told her that he was on the last trip and finally came back home for good. Iris couldn’t believe it. She sounded thrilled to know that her husband would come back to her soon. Iris told him that she was looking forward to seeing him. Thomas was also eagerly waiting for that moment. Meanwhile, Iris sent him a photo of her to tell him that she missed him. This photo changed everything for both of them.

The Infamous Photo

When Thomas received this photo, he had no idea about the dirty secret hidden inside. He looked at Iris and praised the beauty of his wife. This photo wasn’t much different from the other photos Iris had been sending him lately. She is sitting on their bed casually, which is nothing unusual for Thomas.

But then, his eyes caught a glimpse of something. Thomas got curious to know what it was because this little detail was never a part of her photos. He became uneasy as he felt a hand was reaching out from under the bed. He zoomed in on this detail to validate his finding, and what he learned shocked him to the core. Perhaps, Iris had forgotten to remove this detail. Thomas felt betrayed, so he decided to confront Iris about it.

Truth Comes to Light

Thomas immediately called Iris and asked her about that hand. Initially, she refused to acknowledge but finally gave in and accepted that she had been seeing someone lately. Iris started sobbing uncontrollably, saying that she felt lonely and ignored because Thomas was away all the time and she had no one to get emotional support from.

Hence, she started looking for love elsewhere and got in touch with an old friend of hers. Thomas also knew the guy and felt dejected because he already had a girlfriend. Iris told him that the guy broke up with his girlfriend and reached out to her as he knew she was emotionally distraught. All of this crushed Thomas.

Parting Ways

How unbelievable is it that only an hour ago, Thomas and Iris were planning for their future and were happy together, and now Thomas was heartbroken and wanted to part ways with his wife? One photo of her had changed his perspective of her, and he had realized that the damage was far greater than he had thought.

Thomas was no saint himself. He had transgressed too, and he hadn’t told Iris about it at all. Still, he expected Iris to remain sincere to him no matter what. Deep down in his heart, he knew Iris would never forgive him for cheating, and the same was the case with him. Forgiveness would not make their marriage work because they weren’t the same people anymore. He decided to file for a divorce, and this very thought sent him into a deep depression. After they got divorced, he took leave from work and went on a holiday. This vacation proved to be his life’s turning point.

Starting Afresh

Since Thomas was on leave, he booked a trip to the city in a bid to distract himself from the heartbreak he had suffered recently. He didn’t pick any destination to visit because everywhere he went reminded him of the time he visited that spot with his wife. He wanted to forget about Iris, but somehow nothing was working.

He moved to a new city and started his own marketing firm to keep himself busy. Though the place didn’t excite him much, he would thank heavens for making him select this city sometime later. That’s because he met someone who would change his life for the better.

New Beginnings

Thomas was working tirelessly to make his new business venture a success. He would take his laptop and stay focused on his work everywhere he went. So, that morning when he was sipping coffee in a café, he was still engrossed in work. When he was done, he shut down the laptop, and that’s when he saw that beautiful girl enter the coffee shop.

It didn’t take him long to recognize this woman. She was his childhood friend, Angel. How could he forget her? They grew up together, lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same school. Thomas went to her and was surprised that Angel also recognized him in one glance. They had dated when they were in high school, but in their senior year, Angel had moved abroad, due to which they lost contact. This was the first time he was meeting and speaking to her in many years, and he couldn’t help notice that his heart was beating faster and faster.

Meeting Angel

Angel and Thomas hit it off instantly. They had known each other for so long that it didn’t take them a lot of time to brush off the hesitation and become friendly again. Both were free, so Thomas asked her out for a drink, and Angel happily accepted the offer. She seemed thrilled to have met her childhood friend after so long.

While catching up on their lives, Thomas noted that she looked happily surprised when he told Angel about his divorce from Iris. This was a sign that she still had feelings for him. Thomas was also ready to give love another chance. Angel shared that she missed Thomas a lot when she left and always prayed for their reunion. And this was the ideal time for a reunion because Thomas was single and Angel had recently broken up.

Feeling the Spark

Thomas and Angel started dating each other. They spent a lot of time together, and when they were at their respective homes, they talked on the phone until late at night. Thomas felt happy and drawn back to life. He hadn’t felt so happy in the past few months as he was now. That chance encounter with Angel helped him gain a friend and forget about the haunting memories of the past.

One day, after their dinner date, Angel asked Thomas if he would like to accompany her to her house and stay the night. Thomas didn’t even think for a second and said yes. The two held their hands walked back to Angel’s place, knowing very well that something great was about to happen and their lives would take a pleasant turn.… ❤️

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