Blanche Monnier was Imprisonment for Falling in Love

Blanche Monnier was famous for her breathtaking beauty. She was the talk of the town back in the late 1800s when she was young. That’s why many eligible bachelors were ready to marry her and were sending their proposals. But, Blanche wasn’t the one to be mesmerized or impressed by money, fame, and glamor. She belonged to a noble, aristocratic family, but her heart lay with the masses. So, she chose a lawyer, who was much older than her and, from societal and her family’s standards, was no match to her.

But, Blanche remained adamant. She started refusing all incoming proposals. Her parents were quite worried about her. Blanche’s mother, Madame Louise Monnier, tried to reason with her daughter, but the class differences that were widely prevalent in French society at that time didn’t make any sense to the 25-year-old gorgeous girl. Then one fine day, Blanche Monnier disappeared. Her folks were devastated. What could have happened to her? She was eventually discovered 25 years later, and with her discovery, the ugliest truth about her kidnapping came to the forefront. In this article, we will share the sad story of a French socialite who lost the best years of her life just because she loved someone.

Blanche Monnier- Life Before the Ordeal

Mademoiselle Blanche Monnier was born in France on 1 March 1849 into a wealthy, aristocratic family. Her parents Emile Monnier and Madame Louise Monnier named her Blanche Monnier after their surname. The family had a good reputation in the city and was known for their generosity. In fact, they had received a Community Award called “Committee of Good Works” to recognize their charitable works. This award was given to citizens who “displayed the highest of virtues.” Mr. Monnier was the head of a local art facility. 

Blanche had a brother as well, Marcel Monnier. He was a lawyer, and both shared a healthy sibling connection. This was a pleased and blessed family. They had money, fame, their son was successful in his career, and their daughter was charming and talented. The young socialite was described by her acquaintances as “very gentle and good-natured.” The family lived at 21 rue de la Visitation Street, a wealthy neighborhood of Poitiers, France. The Monniers belonged to the upper-middle-class and were well-liked in their community. 

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