Little Unknown Facts About Joe Biden

Jo Biden’s political career has been a roller coaster ride right from its inception to its ultimate culmination into the coveted presidential win. His political life has been full of successes and setbacks. Unimaginable personal tragedies followed victories, and self-inflicted lesions crippled budding campaigns. Still, Biden survived around 36 years in Senate, served under the Obama administration for eight years, and finally became the ultimate political wing man and the country’s unofficial chief consoler.

His third run for the White House turned out to be a dream that came true or rather his career’s most crucial turning point. He managed to pull off one of American political history’s most improbable comebacks ever. Now that he has been inaugurated as the oldest person at 78 years old, to be the 46th president of the United States, it becomes essential to get to know him a bit more closely. Here’s a quick overview of the little-known facts about Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.’s personal life and career so far.