Man Files for Divorce to Marry his Girlfriend- But His Wife is Not Sad At All!

Divorces are getting a bit too common globally, particularly in the United States. Around half of all marriages in this country end in permanent separation or divorce. Lack of respect for commitment is found to be one of the leading factors as to why couples are drifting apart so frequently.

There’s no doubt that divorce has remained a part of American society for a long time, but it has become more common during the past fifty years. The highest divorce rate in the country was recorded in the 1970 through the 80s, but the rate slightly dropped in the 90s. Nevertheless, it remains a cause of concern for society. But today, we will share the story of a unique couple who decided to file for divorce despite being madly in love, and both felt happy about it. Generally, we have seen couples parting ways with a lot of baggage and grudges, but this couple is different. Want to know more about them? Read on, and you’ll find out.