Man Divorces Wife After Seeing This Photo

We are constantly glued to social media and smartphones. Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, so many platforms are there to document every minor and major event of our lives. And since cameras are now a mandatory part of every smartphone and other handheld devices, sharing photos and videos with your loved ones when they are away from you seems like the best way to stay in touch.

However, as they say, with blessings come bane. Digital communications are an easy way to stay updated about your loved ones, but a slight error or glitch can even drive you apart. This ease of access to media and technology also has its fair share of pros and cons. That’s what happened to Iris from Portugal. She sent her photo to her husband, who was away for work, and he decided to part ways with her. What could’ve been wrong with it? Today, we will share their whole story and its twisted ending.

A Perfect Couple

Meet Iris and Thomas- two young, ambitious and successful individuals. They had everything going in their favor. They were beautiful and very talented, and their friends considered them a match made in heaven. It is definitely hard to find true love in today’s age, so everyone thought they were lucky to hit the bull’s eye and find each other.

Iris had recently finished her education. She graduated from a fashion school and was keen on pursuing a career in the world of fashion. On the other hand, the handsome hunk Thomas was in the insurance sector and had a suitable, well-paying job. He was a dedicated employee. However, the only thing that irked Iris the most was that Thomas had to go away for many days because of his job. Being away from your partner is never a good feeling, and in the end, they both have to pay its price…..

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