Meet the Smartest Celebrities In The World

Celebrities are known worldwide for their stunning looks, well-toned bodies, and affairs, which we believe is pretty unfair to them. We cannot help it because that’s what makes them famous, right? We associate the term celebrity with those who are part of the entertainment industry. Ironically, we overlook all other aspects of their lives and skills except for what’s in the public domain- their on-camera and off-camera lives. We never discuss how intelligent most celebrities are. 

But what about the numerous talents our beloved celebs are gifted with? Have you ever tried to find out what other talent does your favorite actor or actress possesses? Someone could be a great writer, while someone could be interested in making music. Then there’s a long list of celebrities who possess incredible business acumen and political intelligence. Sadly, since we watch them on screen, on YouTube, and social networks, we have started believing that celebrities are dumb as the only thing they can do well is looking good and act. We seldom consider celebrities as smart and intellectual individuals, which actually we should start doing right away. So, what does smartness really means? If we scroll through the dictionary to find its literal meaning, the word Smart means possessing or displaying “a quick-witted intelligence” in contrast, intelligence is the “ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.” With this in mind, let’s find out which celebrities are the smartest in the world according to their IQ (intelligence quotient) score.

Melania Trump – Surprisingly High

Photo: Getty Images

We bet you are feeling surprised to find the former US First Lady’s name on this list. But that’s the reality, folks. Melania is indeed quite intelligent. Though we couldn’t confirm her IQ score from the official records, as there was nothing about Mrs. Trump, still, according to her college faculty members, she has a very high IQ and was pretty intelligent.

Born Melania Knauss Trump, the ex-Slovenian-American model became the FLOTUS on 20 January 2017. That’s the same day her husband, Donald Trump, was inaugurated as the 45th US president. Mrs. Trump came to the US back in the late 1990s after achieving worldwide success as a fashion model. She received permanent US residency in 2001 and later earned US citizenship in 2006. By that time, Melania had married real estate mogul Donald Trump. Melania Trump started modeling when she was just 16. Her first modeling gig was with a Slovenian photographer, Stane Jerko, and afterward, Melania signed a contract with a Milan-based agency.