Melania Trump: The Most Stylish First Lady of The United States

Melania Trump is without a doubt the most fashionable First Lady since Jackie Kennedy, whether you like or dislike her husband. When Melania Knauss married Donald Trump (who is 23 years older than her) in 2005, it gave her total freedom to buy whatever she wants. Melania has access to the world’s top fashion designers as well as a multitude of Hermes Birkin and Kelly handbags. However, some high-end designers are against styling Melania Trump since she is the Donald’s wife.

Even though she wasn’t the quintessential “supermodel” during her brief modeling career, her runway for 4 years was the world’s stage as she paraded her majestic 5’11’ body and sophisticated sense of style amid the world’s strongest leaders on the international stage as First Lady of the United States (2017-2021). We had witnessed how Melania’s fashion style had transformed throughout her stay in the White House, from her stunning cleavage displaying tight-fitting gowns to a more modest well-fitted attire as First Lady, when her husband was running in 2016. Melania Trump, maybe the most meticulous and occasionally controversial FLOTUS fashionista we’ve ever seen, puts a lot of care into what she wears for whichever function she chooses to be attending. Here are some of her most iconic dresses since becoming First Lady.

July 7, 2021: New York City

Melania made a quick trip to New York City. Here she is exiting the Trump Towers residence to run some morning errands down 5th Avenue looking ever so chic. She seemed to have been more practical these days now that she’s no longer in the White House by wearing a pair of white pointy flats $645 Christian Louboutin and a tan Burberry blazer with white trimmings to match her all-white ensemble.