World’s Most Beautiful Twins 11 Years Later

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They are just nine years old, but they have been named the most beautiful and inspiring twins in the world. They are Ava Marie and Leah Rose. Jaqi and Kevin Clement tied the knot in 2003 and had a baby boy in 2008 named Chase. Soon enough, the twins arrived and changed everything for their parents. Better known as the Clement Twins, Ava and Leah have over 1.7 million followers on their Instagram page, explaining how popular they are. The twins have received outstanding success in the world of modeling. They are successful, beautiful, and extremely hard working. By the age of seven, the famous twins managed to work with some of the world’s biggest and reputed brands.

They have worked with many leading agencies and are known worldwide because of their work. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that the Clement twins are modern-day influencers. Their captivating beauty is truly God-gifted, but the astounding success is a product of their dedication and determination. If you see how well they have done in the fiercely competitive modeling industry, you will also become fans of the young girls. So why waste time? Let’s delve right into the lives of Ava and Leah Clement.

Birth of Twins

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 Jaqi and Kevin, two utterly gorgeous individuals, decided to become husband and wife in 2003. The couple was initially blessed with a beautiful baby boy named chase in July of 2008. Almost two years later, they were excited to find out that their family will be expanding, and this time with not one baby but twins. The couple was over the moon to have two more kids that would make their little family complete. In 2010 Jaqi prematurely gave birth to their twin daughters Ava Marie and Leah Rose. They were dues to come into the world four weeks later, but the twins couldn’t wait to come out. Jaqi often jokes about how the twins are always ready for action, which might be why they came earlier than expected.

Unlike other kids, the twins had a different appeal, they were just as cuddly, but something about them always pulled in compliments from strangers and people who would pass by them. They have been this beautiful since their birth; their natural beauty is a gift to them. They have the most perfectly smooth and glowing skin, hair as soft and smooth as silk, and a face with perfect symmetry. They were born to take over the world with their beauty.

 Center of Attention

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It was inevitable for the twins to join modeling; the parents knew that their daughters had gorgeous looks that could boost their modeling careers. People would continually compliment their daughters, telling them just how pretty they are and how they would excel in the modeling world. Without much persuasion, Jaqi and Kevin decided to launch Ava Marie and Leah Rose as models.

The parents tried their best to help the girls in their careers, but at times, things got too much. Leah and Ava started modeling for a modeling agency based in Los Angeles at just six months of age. The routine got too hectic, especially for Jaqi, because Kevin was mostly at work and couldn’t help. Jaqi would take the twins to the studio and other venues. With an older son Chase who was just two years old, and that is a fussy age, Jaqi decided to call it quits on the girls’ modeling careers. She could not handle taking care of a two-year-old toddler, along with two twins who had a full-blown modeling career. For the time being, Jaqi made the decision to put her girls’ modeling career on a hiatus just after four months since it started.

 An Average Upbringing

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 Even with big dreams and high hopes of the girls achieving a career in modeling, Jaqi and Kevin didn’t think it was the right timing for it to work out. The girls were too young, growing, and developing every day. Jaqi and Kevin wanted their kids to have the upbringing they had like normal kids. Although it was hard to stop their modeling career, the Clements were at peace with their decision. Things were finally looking up for the busy mom Jaqi. She now had time to take care of all her kids and look after them properly. Her life was now pressure-free. Jaqi loved the regular lifestyle, although the twins’ thought of becoming models was still stuck in her head somehow.

When Leah and Ava were old enough to understand, Jaqi and Kevin told them about their brief four-month endeavor into modeling. The girls were excited as ever and had high hopes of becoming models once again. The girls always loved it when someone gave them attention, and they were used to it. Jaqi could see her dream coming true; she was happy as ever. The girls had agreed to model, and Jaqi was going to help them in every way.

 Lucky Number 7

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When the girls were informed about their modeling past, they were just little toddlers, and just like every other toddler, they wanted everything right there and then. So the girls made a huge fuss about wanting to restart their careers again. However, the parents did not know what to do in such a situation. They left it to fate and believed that an opportunity would come up to them on its own one day.

 When the kids were about to turn seven, Jaqi Clement believed that the universe would help them. She was a firm believer in signs and thought that number seven was lucky for the girls as they were born on the seventh day of the seventh month. Plus, they were turning seven in the year 2017. So many people believe seven to be a lucky number, and Jaqi was one of them. The signs were in favor of Jaqi; she started thinking of the possibilities. So she decided to once again talk about modeling with the girls gently. The girls were overjoyed to hear the news.

 Decisions to be Made

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At the age of seven, kids tend to make their own decisions; they become a bit mature according to their age. They discover their personalities, likes, and dislikes. They evolve into their versions of themselves. Jaqi had doubts about whether the girls would like modeling. As such, they were into swimming and dancing, but Jaqi had no idea if they would like the prospect of modeling. One day, with the twin’s seventh birthday around the corner, Jaqi and Kevin sat with the kids and discussed their modeling career. The girls were jumping with excitement and joy at the idea of becoming models.

 Jaqi was relieved to know that the girls were more than willing to give modeling another shot. As we motioned before, Jaqi was proud of the ready for anything personality of her twins. The twins loved the attention they received from everyone. They would dance and have shows put up for the people around them, even for strangers. Their family and friends loved watching them too. It felt like it was their instinctual for Leah and Ava to perform for people at any given time. So, it was not a surprise when they agreed to start modeling again.

  Thank the Stars

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Things were looking up for Jaqi and Kevin Clement; their daughters had agreed to model again. They knew it was going to go smoothly from here onwards. They needed to make a portfolio to get a jump start. Everything was working in the Clements favor, just like Jaqi had estimated. The star was looking good for Leah and Ava. One of Clement’s close friends and neighbors had opened up a new boutique for children’s clothes. They were looking for child girl models to promote their brand. Without even auditioning, the Clement twins got to model for the shop while creating their portfolio.

 Jaqi was careful and cautious this time; she did not want the makeup and glamour to cloud her daughters’ minds. Such things create a lot of problems for young girls and especially for such young girls. So, she did everything herself. She took pictures of her daughter in nothing but clothes and light blush on their face and tight curls, with an old camera she found deep in her storage. The girls were all ready for the mini photoshoot session with their mom and friends.

 Tough Photoshoots

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 The first attempt at the photo shoot was not coming out as expected, as it was their first time doing a photoshoot on their own; Jaqi and the twins were having trouble getting things right. They did not know what exactly they had to do. Jaqi, who want even a professional photographer, was trying to take pictures of two inexperienced kid models who wouldn’t follow any instructions. We can only imagine the difficulties Jaqi was facing in order to get decent pictures for the portfolio, especially with two girls who liked to look anywhere other than the camera.

When it came to looks, Leah and Ava were’ not the only one with such mesmerizing good looks. Their brother chase was just as much as handsome. They all got their beauty from their parents Jaqi and Kevin Clement. They all had above-average good looks. God really blessed the family with the most beautiful of physical attributes. Jaq, who herself is super gorgeous, occasionally models with her daughters. Leah’s and Ava’s fan following know all about Jaqi but have no information on Kevin, who is mostly behind the camera and not part of the action.

 Back to Agents

After the big fail that the photoshoot was, Jaqi decided that independently doing things may not help them. Hence, after getting everybody to agree on the matter, Jaqi thought getting represented through a modeling agency will be the best option for her daughters. Jaqi never let go of the contacts she made with agencies when Leah and Ava were babies. She contacted all of them, and to her delight, they all were very eager to set up a meeting with the family. After all the sessions, the Clement family decided upon settling with not one but two modeling agencies from different countries. This was a sign of trouble as this is frowned upon in the modeling world.

 Jaqi, who was inexperienced in all of this, thought that having two agents will be better for her daughters. The exposure might be more prominent. However, it only brought trouble. One day both the agents set the girls up for the same audition for a barbie ad. Jaqi had to come clean to the agents of what she was doing, but she was okay with losing both the agents if they were not going to understand the situation. Fortunately, the problem was fixed easily in just a few hours.

Instagram Supermodels

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The next best thing Jaqi did was start an Instagram page with the handle @clementtwins. Soon after it start off, the page garnered a lot of attention and followers. People loved to have a look at the girls’ pictures. Jaqi intended to get the attention of the modeling agencies and magazines, but when she saw that the page had gathered about 300,000 followers in such a small amount of time, she gave the mage more of her time. The page gave the girls exposure like never before. Jaqi was happy that after so many failed attempts, things were finally looking bright. Like 300,000 followers bright. In just five months, the page had 380,000 followers. People would give their pictures thousands of likes and comments.

Their Instagram page was a huge success. The twins were getting to do so much more than they could through agencies. Everyone on her huge success appreciated Jaqi. When Jaqi was asked about the secrets to her success, she said that it is more about the pictures you take rather than the beauty. She advised everyone to spend good money on getting the perfect photos for your Instagram page. Being stingy and getting a not so experienced photographer would do you no good.

 Don’t Forget the Chase

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 2017 was the year the Clements family’s life turned upside down. Their life changed for the better. Jaqi’s firm belief in the number seven did not disappoint her. Besides the huge Instagram success story, Jaqi felt 2017 was suitable for their family life in general and other people worldwide.  Jaqi was not wrong about that part. 

Even Leah’s and Ava’s brother had some moments under the spotlight. No, he wasn’t forgotten by his family. He also had good looks, and with the whole modeling thing going around him, he started showing interest. A few modeling agencies signed him to work with them landing him some pretty good gigs. He worked for a few commercial acting roles that were very much successful. He also has an Instagram page with the hand @cut2thischase that his mother runs. His success on Instagram isn’t as much as his sisters. However, it is slowly growing with a follower count of 60,000. He has modeled for brands such as Ross and Reebok, along with many other famous brands. His insanely good looks have gotten him a lot of success in the modeling world.

New Opportunities

Not too long after returning to the field of modeling, the twins were thronged with job offers similar to their earlier gig. Within the first week of their second phase of modeling, the twins received around six job offers, which was tremendous considering their age and the fact that they had only started their modeling careers. Such was their popularity. Otherwise, receiving six job offers within seven days is certainly an overwhelming amount of offers for an average person. From then onward, there wasn’t any turning back for the Clement twins.

Not that they were forced to do this job, they were actually enjoying every moment of their work life. They were in awe of the fame and limelight, which is part and parcel of this field of work. However, since Jaqi and her twin daughters were newbies and inexperienced, it made them go through a variety of good and bad experiences. Some agencies exploited their ignorance, or rather innocence, while some used it for gaining popularity. Nonetheless, the Clement clan learned many valuable lessons from their experiences. Jaqi wrote on her blog that the most important lesson she learned was to know who you are working with and avoiding to trust anyone blindly. She further stated that if someone offers to guide you about modeling intricacies, this means a disaster is awaiting you.

Travel Woes

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For many aspiring models, securing a job in LA would be a dream come true. After all, the place is the hub of all fashion and entertainment activities in the US. However, for the Clements, LA was a place they literally dreaded. There was no issue with the people or the job but the traffic that they detested the most. It was more like the traffic was testing their patience, which was quickly running out. Leaving their hometown and traveling as far as LA, which was a 6 hours long trip, frustrated the girls. All the time, when they were traveling to-and-from LA, they kept fighting in the car. The worst thing was that they had to do this traveling multiple times in a single week.

As they say, modeling is a complicated industry to be in; it chews you up and spits you right out if you don’t have a strong support system to back you up. Having the right people around you after a tiring day at work can do wonders in amplifying your motivation level. Jaqi, however, learned this very important rule the hard way. She took some time to become familiar with the modeling fame. Jaqi would bombard the advisor with a list of queries that they had to answer before Jaqi accepted the job. Whenever she felt something was off, the Clements were quickly out of there. Lesson learned- a little research and following your gut feeling can take you a long way.

Facing Backlash

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There’s no doubt that people loved the Clement twins. There was an overwhelmingly high proportion of the public that praised their work and the family. But, there were some who left negative feedback on the internet. There came a time when people started bashing the twins for starting modeling at such a young age. The Clements were startled to read comments where they were blamed for living off their daughters’ earnings or contained terms like extortion. People carelessly tossed around hateful and hurtful phrases on their social media pages and criticized the family heavily.

However, they took this criticism gracefully. It was tough for them initially to tolerate such a large number of comments condemning the choices they had made for their young daughters. Then, Jaqi learned how to mentally filter such negative feedback and focus on the positive ones. The one thing that disturbed Jaqi the most was that people claimed her daughters look sad in all their photos. Some even went on to state that Ava Marie and Leah Rose were forced to do modeling gigs.

To her haters, Jaqi hit back by stating that the photos were meant to be solemn, and it was inappropriate for the girls to display a cheek-to-cheek smile in every photo. She also clarified that the twins chose the jobs independently, even though they were too young to decide. In one of her blog posts, Jaqi shared how badly she was thrashed online for allowing her daughters to work, but she doesn’t pay heed to negative comments because she knows the truth.

The Makeup Controversy

People have been quite vocal about their opinion on the way the Clement twins were dressed up for their modeling gigs. Their social media pages received many comments from people condemning the fact that the girls were exposed to makeup at a young age. Many claimed that putting makeup on the underage girls was like sexualizing them and turning them into objects instead of living breathing humans. What people don’t know is that makeup is a fundamental part of the modeling industry. A professional makeup artist is always around at every set, as this is a key job requirement.

However, people weren’t ready to buy this theory. To them, putting makeup on the twins was not what an average child their age should be doing.  They blamed the Clements for stealing away their childhood. But, that wasn’t the case since the twins weren’t forced to do modeling. Ava Marie and Leah Rose enjoyed every moment of modeling. If they wanted out, Jaqi wouldn’t think for a moment before pulling them out. But, she knew her girls were happy with their budding careers in the modeling industry.

Work-Life Balance

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It was true that modeling gigs did take a lot of the twins’ free time away. Ava Marie and Leah Rose were not just models. They were young children who did falter and mess up during photo sessions. They did get on their nerves and teased the staff by sometimes dancing in front of the camera, as they used to do several years ago. After all, they were still little kids regardless of what people perceived of them. Their hectic schedules and tiring road trips were quite exhausting for the young girls, but gradually they were learning to balance their work and life. The Clements started using the long hours of traveling as a chance to bond and spend quality time together as a family. The bonus part was that they made many new friends outside of their hometown as they visited it so frequently.

Enjoying the Perks of Modeling

Photo: Clement family standing on their new home lot / Facebook, 2021

Every time someone asked the Clement twins what they enjoyed the most about modeling, their answer was the same- the tons of free stuff they received almost regularly. Of course, we cannot blame them; they are only kids who love to receive unexpected gifts. Sometimes, they received free clothing from different brands and asked them to test their products and model for them. The twins would help them by tagging those brands in their social media posts. So, it was a win-win situation at both ends.

The girls did have a lot of influence on social media. Their Instagram page had more than 300,000 followers, which they garnered within only five months. That was not an easy thing to achieve. To keep the followers’ counter rising, one has to learn a lot about posting on social media. Jaqi was always there to guide the aspiring models and turn them into Instagram Celebrities. Their income over the past few years have afford them a new home… custo designed. Now that is the true perk of their fame.

Winning the Social Media

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The one rule everyone should always follow to become a social media superstar and keep their fans intrigued but not tired of their content is to post in moderation. If your posts are consuming your followers’ entire timeline, they will not think twice before unfollowing you. If you post infrequently, they will forget about you. So, it always pays to keep your followers updated about whatever is happening in your life, but don’t provide too much information.

However, no one can determine how much you should post to remain in the limelight without getting your fans bored. Only you can figure out how frequently you should post. In this regard, you need to learn about the particular niche of yours. On Instragram, hashtags are immensely important, and Jaqi knew very well how to select the right hashtags for her kids to become popular on social media. Their preciseness in targeting the right hashtags helped in furthering their modeling careers.

Followings and Hashtags

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When you start an Instagram page, it is crucial to attract more and more followers, and equally important is to follow the right people. Initially, Jaqi used to follow every child celebrity and photographers to make her page more interesting. But after reaching a certain number of followings, Jaqi reverted back to allowing the girls to follow the pages that they liked.

The reason why Jaqi wanted her girls to follow or tag makeup artists, agencies, or photographers is not just to appreciate their hard work or products, but also to get her girls features on their Instagram pages so that they get maximum exposure. Jaqi always made sure to tag them twice, once in the post and the second time in the comments, so that they don’t go unnoticed. This trick worked in their favor massively.

Learning to Comment

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Leaving comments on the pages you are following on social media is important as it can prove to be the stepping stone of a long-term working relationship with a company, photographer, influencer, or makeup artist. Moreover, there’s no harm in commenting on fan’s comments to let them know that you did acknowledge them and appreciated their support.

Something that Clement twins often noticed is that they followed liked and commented the most on pictures featuring them together. Kevin and Jaqi also noticed that the girls’ solo pictures didn’t receive as much appreciation and that people liked those pictures more in which the girls were closer to each other. Though they didn’t want to keep posting pictures of their girls standing side-by-side, but if that’s what people wanted to see, they had to fulfill their wishes.

Appearance Matters

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On social media, you cannot win fans and followers merely with your good looks. It has to be a complete package, and that’s where the overall appearance comes in. Jaqi understood it well that her daughters’ natural beauty couldn’t get them thousands of likes unless they were presented well. Hence, she made sure that her girls’ outfits were always top-class. For this, sometimes Jaqi rented trendy clothes or sometimes borrowed them from their neighbors who ran a kids’ boutique. The neighbor was happy to help because they were getting exposure for free via mentions and hashtags. To become successful on Instagram, or any social media platform, there are many such aspects that one needs to focus on. Otherwise, it won’t deliver what is expected. Jaqi wanted her girls to become social media superstars, but she didn’t want to change them a lot for the sake of stardom. Being choosy with their dresses wasn’t going to affect them much as they also liked to dress up. So, it worked for everyone- the girls, the brands, and fans/followers.

The Dilemma- To Work or Not to Work?

Jaqi and Kevin trusted their kids, Chase and the twins, a lot. The girls were modeling out of their own free will, and they were allowed to have the final say in matters related to their careers. If they wanted to leave the industry, their parents had allowed them the liberty to say it out loud. They would pull them out the minute their twins express their desire to quit. Their happiness mattered the most for the parents, and that’s why they were supporting them.

But, working 80-hours a week or making it big on Instagram at such a young age was not easy for the kids. They worked too hard to achieve all this. But, they liked the work they did. It gave them a chance to meet other kids from different communities and countries. The Clement girls were quite friendly with fellow child models as it was a thriving but limited industry. Whenever they were shooting or during auditions with other kid models, the girls immediately befriended them. Their friends circle in the industry was increasing day by day, and they were happy with the way their career was shaping up.

Reality Check

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Being a model and a social media starlet is definitely daunting. It does put a strain on your academic and social lives. However, contrary to popular perception, the most daunting issue the Clements faced was not social or school-related but financial. Although Ava Marie and Leah Rose were professional models sponsored by reputed agencies, there are many such expenses that the Clements learned about only later. Such as clothing and traveling costs and paying commissions. Jaqi wrote a lengthy post about the dark side of the modeling world in which she revealed all about the shady characters she met who didn’t care at all for her daughters. Her post reminds us that trust is important in the industry, but you must know where to put your trust.

Adventurous Twins

Ava Marie and Leah Rose were not being forced to model. All those claims or perceptions about the parents pushing their young kids into the world of modeling only for gaining financial stability were nothing but a myth. The twins and even Chase, all the Clement kids loved posing for the camera. In fact, the girls used to count days and eagerly awaited when their next gig would start. They also got used to the long traveling routines.

They once declared their job as an adventure as there was something new happening every other day. They didn’t know what sort of project they would get next, so they regarded modeling gigs as adventures. Their careers also brought them much closer to their mother. Jaqi and the girls share a working relationship as their mom is also their manager, who takes a keen interest in their success. Being so close to their mom sometimes strained the girls, but ultimately they knew that Jaqi was their strongest supporter.

Used Their Followers For Good

Clement family 2019 (left), Clement family Easter, 2021 (right)

In October of 2019, their father Kevin was undergoing chemotherapy for the second round for T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma. Ava and Leah reached out to their 1.5 million Instagram followers to ask them to help their father find a match for his bone marrow transplant to save his life. The drive was sponsored by the largest bone marrow donor center, DKMS.

Luckily, within a month of their Instagram plea, they found a match and Kevin’s life was saved. There may be a lot of critics who say the twins were too young to lead such a exposed life of modeling but at the end of the day, had they not had the exposure they have… they would not have been able to save their dad. So suck it to all the haters out there.