Most Expensive and Biggest Movie Flops Ever

For the viewers like us, sitting in a cinema watching a movie flop going down the rabbit hole with every passing second feels miserable. We think that those two hours of our life are wasted, and time spent that we will never get back—not to mention, the bucks we spent on that movie (well, the bucks spent on the food maybe an exception). But for the producers, it is miserable. After all, those millions and millions of dollars and years of efforts went in vain. One may be curious enough to have a look at the balance sheets of these flops as to see how many dollars of those producers and production firms were wasted. With that curiosity in mind, you are at the right place.

For a movie just to break even, the total gross revenue in the United States and worldwide needs to be three times the budget… and that this again, just to breakeven because we need to account for the 2nd largest budget other than production cost, and that is the marketing budget. So here is the list of the biggest box office flops ever; the list includes the biggest cinema flops ever filmed! So let us start reading why these movies did so bad! PS: The losses are estimated, and adjusted for inflation in US dollars.