World’s Spookiest Amusement Parks No One Wants to Visit

Whenever we hear the word amusement park, we think of swings, merry-go-rounds, Ferris Wheel, and loads of fun-filled activities. But, the following amusement parks are anything but fun. These parks used to be an inviting place for the entire family but due to an unfortunate incident they had to be closed and completely abandoned. Now these parks are a sight of dismay and despair. Let’s have a look at the eleven spookiest amusement parks around the world.

11. Okpo Land

If you want to know how a horror movie’s set would look like, visit the Geoje Island in South Korea where the Okpo Land Park is located. The duck-themed roller coaster pictured here used to be its main attraction but several unfortunate incidents generated the perception that it was haunted. Back in the late 1990s, this ride claimed one life, but the owner continued its operation unapologetically. Again in 1999, a young girl fell and died tragically. The owner shut down the park and disappeared. Rumor has it that the park got demolished in 2011 and there are plans to build a hotel in its place.

10. Heritage USA

Located in Fort Mill, South Carolina, this Christian theme park was more like a vacation destination as it was a residential complex-cum-water park. Owned jointly by Jim Bakker, the noted PTL televangelist, and his then wife the late Tammy F. Bakker Messner, the park remained a financially rewarding business for the couple as they earned nearly $126 million annually. Built by the famous church builder Roe Messner, the park occupied a massive 2,300 acres, and remained operational between 1978 and 89. However, everything went downhill when Jim’s affair with Jessica Hahn got revealed and he was accused of fraud. The park’s tax exemption status was also revoked by the IRS and to make things worse it was hit by the Hurricane Hugo in September 1989. It got severely damaged and was closed. Some portions of the park have been sold and the rest is under redevelopment.