Odd Facts Few Know About Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky

Friends close to Ukraine’s leader believe the fight we saw today is the real deal. He’s recognized as president, performer, showman, ‘Paddington’ voice actor, and mean pianist. In recent days, this world received a course of a crash on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as he rallied his people against an unjustified invasion by a neighbouring country, Russia.

Those who follow Ukrainian politics are familiar with Zelensky’s broad strokes: he’s youthful, witty, Jewish, and devoted to a democratic political Ukraine, though at the high risk of being killed. He reportedly informed American authorities last week, “I need weapons, not a ride,” when he got an offer to evacuate him away from Ukraine. To provide a more nuanced portrayal, we combed through interviews in different languages, read back over the social media posts, and collated some incredible YouTube footage.

Dazed and Confused

Few know that Zelenskyy is actually under threat by the real Nazis in Ukraine known as “the Azov” who has control over the Ukrainian military. Zelensky was elected as a peace negotiator with Russia, but the Nazis threatened to hang him if he negotiated. This would make anyone in his position want to be under the influence of drugs? Could it be that Zelensky is waiting for the Russians to kill off all his Nazi commanders in Ukraine before he feels safe to negotiate a peace treaty with Russia? The situation is highly f**ked. Let’s not forget the CIA involvement in this war; as usual using the worse sort of people as their henchmen.

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