Hollywood Stars Who You Didn’t Realize Were Gay

Let’s be clear: Being such a gay public figure in such thing as old Hollywood was an easy task. Behind Hollywood’s glitzy facade lurked the “sexual Gestapo,” as director of Scotty, the Matt Tyrnauer, and the Secret History of Hollywood, put it (via NPR This is Scotty as well as the Untold Story of Hollywood. Having an authentic life was “extremely tough,” he added. Tyrnauer knows: His film described Scotty Bowers, as a confidante, ally, and the pimp for the rich and famous in Hollywood

It’s impossible to definitively name-check these stars because they all were hiding in closet Therefore in arena, “gossip that’s where the genuine truth lies,” and there’s enough of it. Kenneth Anger, author and director, wrote the Babylon series of Hollywood, has kept the rumors for decades, it has been swirling. This is a look back at some of the most famous people from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Marlon Brando

Brando allegedly had a relationship with James Dean in the golden era of Hollywood. Hollywood Babylon II, by Kenneth Anger, quotes him saying to Hedda Hopper columnist gossips. As one might expect, Dean had addressed sexual rumors throughout his life. Dean reportedly said to Salon in 2007. Dean liked walking around with his hands around his back.

“I’m not gay, but neither am I walking through life by one hands bound behind the back.”

Marlon Brando

Dean allegedly had “kinky sadomasochistic sex” with Marlon Brando, according to Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince’s biography James Dean: Tomorrow Never Comes. Dean’s alleged similar-sex conquests included Brando. “I love him, and he loved me” Rogers Brackett told author Ronald Martinetti. It’s been reported by Real James Dean that Val Holley, author of James Dean: The Biography, “when nearly that nobody else trusted in them,” Brackett says, “he brought [Dean] in.”

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