30 Pictures That Prove Canadians Are From Another Planet!

There is so much to enjoy in Canada than maple syrup… and more maple syrup. Apart from having one of the most handsome Prime Ministers in the world, and utterly hospitable public, Canada is home to some of the most unconventional norms and rules. Canadians are principled nation and never turn your back ever… no matter what are the circumstance. At least that’s the idea we get from these thirty pictures from Canada.

 Meanwhile, Canada is living in the future

Photo: Reddit

‘If you’re in a public washroom and you think someone’s gender does not match the sign on the door, follow these steps:

1. Don’t worry about it. They know where they belong.”

Canada is one of the first countries to accept the people belonging to the LGBTQ+ spectrum and their rights. This picture perfectly showcases the loving and warm nature of Canadian people humorously. How we wish the rest of the world weren’t so full of hate and bigotry. This sign might create a lot of confusion as straight men who don’t belong in the women’s washroom, and know that, are still always found there. 

What to expect when you visit Northern Canada

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The hotel owners have learned from their mistakes in this situation. It’s quite hilarious to think at some point a bear attacked the hotel. We’re pretty sure the owners couldn’t “bear” it anymore and had to put up this sign. We are dying to know what happened and might just take a trip down there to find out the details. However, we are still confused that was the bear someone’s pet or did it just come out of the wild.

You will never see this happening anywhere else

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This one is quite unbelievable to our eyes. No one we have ever known has complained about receiving too much salary, the more ALWAYS better! Canada is a country that pays explicitly well to the working class; however, we did not know that they pay that well. We wish we had hearts as big as the Canadian people, but sorry man, we take whatever we get. I guess it’s time we shift to Canada and get overly paid for our work.

Canadians can kill with their kindness

Photo: Reddit

Thank You For Bringing Back My Wheelbarrow

The mystery of the polite wheelbarrow thief keeps boggling our minds. There is no doubt that Canada houses one of the most well-mannered communities in the world, and this picture is proof of that. Where else in this world does a thief return the stuff he stole if asked politely. Well, the thieves in Canada are a bunch of goody-two-shoes. Kudos to the owner too, as he is just as polite as the thief; when the wheelbarrow was returned he put up a thank you note. Oh, how badly we want to move to Canada.

We’ll buy a huge pile of these caps

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CANADA already Great eh!

What a savage burn towards Donald Trump and his election campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” We have to agree with the cap though, Canada is already pretty great, and Canadians know that. Where can we order one form! FBI will have to agree with the cap on this one, hoping the FBI doesn’t catch us for this statement.

Protest and pants? What’s the connection?

Photo: Reddit

I guess violent protests are not a thing in Canada, may it be the police, doctors, or the common people protesting it is always peaceful. Here the police are protesting by not wearing their uniform pants because there is no better way to anger the authorities. Oh, how we wish things were this peaceful back in all the other countries. We are starting to love the way Canadians protest, especially in funny pants.

Requests, not arrests

Photo: Reddit

If you steal our rhubarb, pull the root out with the stem.
When you chop the stem at the base, the rhubarb doesn’t grow back.
Please be a considerate thief.

Have you ever heard of a considerate thief? Neither have we, but apparently, people in Canada still have faith in their thieves. They might even offer the thief some maple syrup if the thief ever gets caught. Poor souls have a simple request not to chop off their rhubarb from the stem. We are dying to know if the rhubarb thief was considerate enough to listen and cut the rhubarb from the root the next time.

Must be a Canadian granny!

Is This Your Mitt?
Found at the base of this power pole
– washed and mended for free. Good luck

We are in tears, how is it possible for one whole country to be this nice? Imagine losing a mitten and then finding it, washed and dried, hanging on a tree with a sweet note from a stranger. Unbelievable…. right? But people in Canada have crossed all limits to be as lovely as possible. In another country, you drop a nickel, and it’s probably used by a stranger to buy bread by the time you turn back to pick it up.

Just Another Canadian Christmas Eve

Photo: Reddit

 Oh my, Beaver! What a cute representation of how difficult Canadian Christmas can be. Due to the vast forests and wildlife situated in Canada, Beavers are not uncommon to the people of Canada, and most of the time, those Beavers can create a bit of chaos. We think it’s safe to say that Santa will not be getting anything for this beaver this Christmas. This was such a creative way to decorate the Christmas tree.

Cops can have fun too

Photo: Reddit

What a delight this picture is to see with everything going around in the US these days. A cop’s encounter with protesters, but with an agreeable twist. You can see a cop and protestors enjoying a water fight; however, we don’t think that the cop will last long with a water bottle acting as a water gun. Although we stan water guns and honestly, these are the only guns that should be allowed. We want to be a part of this fun and enjoyable protest as well.

Is this Narnia?

Photo: Reddit

We believe that Canadian weather has some serious multiple personality issues, and sometimes all of those personalities show themselves together. Like in this beautiful yet equally baffling picture that shows autumn, spring, and winter showing off their colors all together and its ONLY September! How do the people living there ever decide their outfits according to the season?

Honesty really is the best policy in the Great White North

Photo: Reddit

When we think of other countries, we believe there is no gratitude, humanity, or basic courtesy left. But, when it comes to Canada, our trust in humanity gets restored every single time. An example is the broken ticket counter shown above. To be very honest, we will probably get in without paying, I mean, who doesn’t take advantage of such situations. We might become the next billionaire if we don’t pay the fare this one time. However, in Canada, the people are billionaires of good manners and will pay the fare even if the machine isn’t working.

Is lemonade the new get out of jail free card?

Photo: Reddit

“Ma’am, unfortunately, I have to take you downtown for stealing our hearts with your deliciously sweet lemonade.” What a sweet moment as the police officer takes a break from his duty to buy this little girl’s lemonade. Or is it possible he might be giving her a ticket for operating without a business license? No, we don’t believe that it’s Canada after all.

Autograph Please!

We have come to love Canadian police!! With an extremely low crime rate and obedient residents, Canadian police have nothing much to do in their work lives. So they end up taking pictures of cute dogs in hats. This picture was taken on Canada Day, and the Police officers were just showing their spirits. They were probably screaming from the inside out of adoration while our hearts are also melting.

Knock knock! Who’s there?

Followed by a moose while walking home? That’s just another day in good old Canada. The dog seems excited by seeing the rather large visitor on the door. Can we get a play date just for them? They look like they will be the best of friends. This is what happens when you offer a moose some food; they then become your pet, no excuses.

Stress-free crime-fighting

The policemen in The Great White North have proven to be the best. They have stressful jobs even when the crime rate is low, so they meditate before starting their day to relieve them of the stress of fighting considerate criminals. This should become a worldwide norm as the police officers in the rest of the world surely need some de-stressing. 

T-Rex the good guy

This is one of the best No Guns signs we have ever seen. A hippie T-rex is exactly what people need to tell them that guns are wrong and that flowers are nice. This sign is just downright awesome, and people will surely remember this if they ever see one. Everyone listens to the T-rex because whoever has seen Jurassic Park knows what happens when the T-rex gets angry. So pick up flowers for your significant others and make the T-rex happy.

Bear me the explanations

 Sorry, we could not deliver your package because there was an actual living Bear at your door. Maybe the bear was waiting for the parcel, or perhaps he was told to guard the door against any unruly mailmen. We are laughing out loud on this one. Bears and moose on your doors, is that what living in Canada is like? We might back out on our decision to move to Canada after this as there are almost 20,000 bears found in Canada, and there is no guarantee that they might end up on your door.

Lucky parker

Welcome to The Forks.
We noticed you forgot to
pay for your parking today.
No problem. It happens.

As a friendly reminder, you do need
to pay for parking where meters are
present during the posted times. This
only a warning, but now that you
ow about it we’re asking that next
me you visit to pay for parking.

We want you to know that all of the
monies raised from parking go back
into running The Forks. So, you’re
helping to make this a place where
there’s free programming, amenities
and things like Target Zero initiatives.
By paying for your parking you are

helping us take care of the city’s
number one tourist destination.
Want to know more about The Forks
including the many things to see and
do here? Visit theforks.com

So what if you forgot to pay for parking, you can pay it next time. This is by far the sweetest parking ticket we have ever seen. We all need this kind of parking police in our cities as parking is a massive headache. Mistakes can happen sometimes, and it is nice to receive a reminder of them rather than getting charged. However, let’s not make a habit because sometimes “maybe” Canadian police tend to get angry. 

Groceries for everyone!

What’s better than a grocery store that allows a time slot for their customers suffering from anxiety, ADHD, and many other mental health/physical health problems? Why do we feel our eyes burning, and maybe some water is leaking out of it *sniffs*? Even our therapists aren’t as considerate of our sensitivity issues. Does the Grocery store have a therapy department?

Won’t overstay the welcome

Canadian people don’t tend to cause any trouble, but they leave an apology letter with it if they do. Everyone gets rowdy on National Day holidays, especially with flags, which is exactly what happened here. However, with good intentions. The amount of thoughtfulness is astounding, to say the least, and we are so jealous. It has to be the maple syrup that makes the people in Canada so sweet.

Protesting Canadian style!

When you have to attend a protest 12 and have an ice hockey game at 12:45. This is one of the best uses of a hockey stick we have seen after actually playing hocking with it. There is no better way to hold up a powerful message than on a hockey stick because you can use the sticks if things get complicated, always need protection, don’t we? BTW we love the protest banners and slogans. 

This Spider will trap you in its web

No one can refuse an apology from a spider that is cute especially in Canada when the people are already too forgiving. The person who wrote this apology letter knew exactly what he was doing when making this adorable spider. We applaud his/her genius mind and drawing skills. A person with arachnophobia can’t even refuse this spider.


This one is quite sad; the citizens gave a dead raccoon a memorial after no one picked him up after 12 hours. RIP little guy, the car that hit you was not as considerate as the other Canadian people. On the contrary, so many by-passers did show you a lot of love that they don’t usually show to humans. Did you notice that headshot of the raccoon at the memorial though; we wonder how they got that? Probably contacted the next of kin of the raccoon. Hope you rest well, dear friend.

Spreading positive vibes everywhere

 When it comes to bathroom door-graffiti, all we ever see are phone numbers, crude comments, and explicit drawings. However, in Canada, they don’t believe in that stuff they are all about positivity and weirdly complimenting people’s parents. This is just the type of graffiti we want to see while doing our business in the washroom. 

Jeez, Geese!

 Now we know who got all the rude genes of the country it was GEESE! Just like the sign suggests it’s better we stay away from them, or the wrath of all the evil Canadians possess will be projected onto you. We finally found something that’s not great about it, and it’s the Canada Geese. We need tips from native Canadians to protect us from ever running into one of these vicious creatures.

No cover-up! One law for all

That baby is probably the cutest lawbreaker that the police officer has ever asked to pull over. Although it looks like it isn’t the kid’s first rodeo, he seems like he’s done this before a couple of times and is no stranger to getting pulled over. We can hear what the baby said to the police officer, “Sorry officer, but I needed to get milk as fast as possible because if I didn’t, I would become really cranky, and nobody would like that.”

Life gives you lemons, Canada gives you Moose

The moose strikes again and this time not on somebody’s door but in someone’s pool!! I guess everywhere you look you will find a moose in Canada. They might end up befriending your children even. Moose are huge animals, and having them enter your home must be quite thrilling. We wonder how many times people have encountered a moose in their homes, pools, or even rooms. It must be a sight to watch.

Thieves that steal your heart

We have discussed the possibility of considerate thieves before, and now we have proof of one extremely desperate and thoughtful person who couldn’t help but steal food. This will not make the owner’s life any more comfortable, but at least he can have some answers. We are praying for this considerate thief going through some tough time and praying for the person who got robbed because he has to clean the floor.

You’ve been fined for over-speeding

Police at a marathon? I guess they came to give out tickets to the ones over speeding and gave one only to the winner. We wonder whether the notion that people run faster when they see the police is the reason why the police are present there or to motivate the people? The sign on the bottom is pretty quirky, filled with cop humor.