Photos That Prove Wind Makes Us All Go Around

We all have our personal favorites when it comes to weather conditions. Some hate the winters, while some are scared of humid and hot weather. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure that we all dislike crazy, blowy wind as it’s more of a nuisance and a bane than a sort of enjoyment. Weather harshness is one thing. It’s seasonal and avoidable. But, with the wind, everything is so unpredictable that getting some relief becomes a huge predicament when one gets caught in windy weather.

And the following fifteen photos that we will share with you today will prove us correct. These are photos where people were caught off-guard by the wind and were swung into the air all of a sudden. From kids to adults and celebs to parents, everyone seems to be having a hard time dealing with windy weather, and we couldn’t help feel for these unsuspecting individuals. Let’s look at some of the worst situations when the strong wind caught up with people.

Windy Weather Attacks a Toddler in Ohio

Adults can tolerate strong winds to some extent, but we cannot expect the same from children, especially those under the age of 5. Such little kids cannot take care of themselves when caught up in strong winds, and the result is usually a situation like the one you see in this photo.

Here a four-year-old girl gets swept off and swung into the air by the notorious winds somewhere in Northeast Ohio. It was a Wednesday morning when a strong gust hit the little child while trying to open the door. According to her mom, Brittany Gardner, who was an eyewitness to the incident, the girl screamed “Mom”, and that’s when she turned and realized the gravity of the situation. It was her kiddo pinned between the heavy glass door and the house. Thankfully, the toddler was OK and actually enjoyed this brief adventure as her mommy ran towards her to protect her.

Kite Surfing during Windy Weather- A Huge Mistake!

Well, this picture is clear proof that kite surfing should never be done during windy weather. It is a sport that requires precision, time, and an appropriate environment, and such weather is detrimental for both the surfer and the onlookers.

This is particularly important when you are teaching a child. As evident, kite surfing in windy weather turned out to be a huge mistake for this kid as he gets lifted in the air. We are sure it must’ve been a nightmarish experience for this child. And, the mystery may never get resolved whether this kid came back or not. Many of you would think this is a funny picture, but it’s actually a tragedy.