Rarest Celebrity Photographs You MUST See NOW!

Nowadays, everyone knows everything about everyone. Celebrities have it much worse as their lives are documented 24/7 through social media or the paparazzi. Back in the day, there were rarely any celebrity photos for people except those in the magazines. Their precious moments with friends and families were kept private. However, we have found some never-seen-before photographs of our favorite stars to commemorate their legacies and celebrate the good old times. Who knew Betty White was such a stunner back in days of your younger years. We’ve got even more photos of America’s favorite grandma with just her birthday suit.

Al Capone- Circa 1929

Al Capone’s parents migrated from Italy, and he was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  He was nicknamed as Scarface and had a reputation of being one of the most ruthless and notorious crime bosses.  He remained the leader of Five Points Gang for seven years, died at the age of 33. In this photo, he is seen at his lavish mansion in Miami, Florida, which was put up for sale for a whopping $14.9 million after his death.

Albert Einstein with a Dummy Albert Einstein- Circa 1931

The genius mind of Albert Einstein is impossible to replicate. However, someone did try to do so, and in this picture, you can see Einstein holding a puppet made for him. The German physicist was impressed by the puppeteer’s work but said that it wasn’t as fat as he was and inserted a crumpled paper under the puppet’s smock.