Rare Photos That Captured Historical Moments

There is no denying the fact that the 19th and 20th centuries were the most eventful and path-defining eras in the world’s history. From civil wars to world wars, the emergence of new continents and new countries on the world map, unprecedented advancements in medical science, transportation, and media, and the dawn of digital communication and the internet all happened during this timeframe.

The past century has been particularly action-packed. Today we will share some of the rarest historic photographs that encompass a key moment from the era gone by. Let’s travel back in time and revisit famous events, personalities, and incidents that altered the course of history one way or the other. And, how can we forget moments of productive and some not so productive social changes, demolished structures, and the early stages of some of the biggest social movements in the world?

1969: Only for Girls

Here you see the stunning Playboy Pink. The actual name of this model is the 1969 Shelby GT500 Fastback Mustang Convertible 351C, but it got famous as Playboy pink because this car wasn’t created for men at all. This is the only limited-edition car in the history of automobiles that was specially designed for Playboy cover girls.

You see the gorgeous Playboy Playmate Connie Kreski flaunting this beauty in the photo. Since 1954, Playboy Magazine has followed a tradition of introducing a Playmate of the Year Car every year. This one was created in pink shade. The magazine announced the Playmate of the Year and gifted the model the car. Interestingly, this car was a Mustang only in 1964 and 1969. In 1969, Kreski was declared the Playmate of the Year and was gifted this Mustang.

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