Rare Images of What the Wild West Was Like

A phrase we’ve all heard of is “a picture is worth 1000 words”. This saying couldn’t be more valid when you use it on historical images taken at the perfect moments. Media has portrayed the west in many ways, but none of us know what to believe. We can slowly picture the wild west by seeing these fascinating images from back then, and we will be able to get some idea of what life in the wild west was really like.


There were several pretty known establishments wherein dance hall showgirls would work, which was pretty big in the Wild West. To the northwest side of Canada, there is a region called Klondike Gold Rush, from which many prospectors fleed to look for places that could provide them entertainment and accommodation. As you can see, the two girls in the picture were known to travel to Ketchikan and Dawson City for Work regularly.

The Woman In Her Creepy Mask

Some pretty creepy masks developed in the wild west as there was no sense of fashion or access to better materials. It is unknown whether the masks they made so creepy were on purpose or not, but they did one heck of a job, creating some scary masks. The woman you can see in the picture is one of the most iconic pictures taken in the wild west. She can be seen wearing a creepy mask, which is only frightening to the fellow citizens, especially the children.

Madame Mustache

The woman you can see in the picture became Madame Mustache due to her looks. She was known to be envied by other women as she was so beautiful in her young life. Madame Mustache was very unlucky when it came to love, a gambler who also owned a casino, but she lost to love when she met a conman who sold everything she had.

The Wild West Affections

No matter the men were straight or not, they showed affection towards other men. Men back then knew their masculinities more fluidly than men of this era. Men were seen holding hands, kissing, hugging each other, and it was so common that no one got surprised. Men in India and Pakistan still hold hands, but no one knew that it was more common back then in the Wild West.

An American Native Woman

Settlers were only considered civilized while the indigenous people savages, convinced when they got to the US. We all know now that there is no truth in it. The woman in the picture shows how regal and calm she looks, more dignified than many settlers back then. Some believe that the creation of Pocahontas was inspired by this portrait.