An Exceptional Pregnancy Which Occurs Once in 500 Years

One of the most exciting phases of of every woman’s life is the pregnancy phase. To every woman, it is always a memorable journey from the first to the ninth month because there is no greater joy than the joy of motherhood. They are always curious to know what happens throughout the trimesters. How the baby develops at every stage and what the growth looks like. It is even more exciting for woman if they are more than just a baby in the womb. 

It is true that being a parent comes with a whole lot of lessons every single day. However, some women do go through more lessons than the others when it comes to motherhood and parenting. Nevertheless, in the past 480 years, no pregnancy has been reported and talked about like that of Alexandra Kinova. Alexandra Kinova was living the life that she wanted and her husband Antonin Kroscen showered her with all the love and affection she could ask of and he also so show the same love to their little son. Kinova and Kroscen made a decision to increase their family and Alexandra took-in in no due time. This pregnancy became so different from what other women have had in 500 years.

Living Happily

The thoughts of having baby together was on the mind of Alexandra and her new husband and they also thought of having twins as it will mean to them having two babies in one pregnancy. Alexandra Kinova and her new husband Antonin Kroscen decided to build a family and to have another child when Alexandra was twenty-three years old. Also, Alexandra already has a son from her last relationship.

Just like every other woman during child birth, Alexandra has gone to the hospital for delivery tensed but yet excited, nervous but still curious, somewhat afraid but still courageous and optimistic. Though she has been through child birth before now – when she had her first baby, but that was some years back and maybe she is now unsure about how the process feels. Perhaps because her first was quite difficult and marked with some labor complications. What more? This time, the anxity is not only on Alexandra, but her family, her husband, the media, and the hospital staffs are so eager to receive the news of her delivery.

Being Unsure

Because of the unpredictable nature of pregnancy, it is considered the most challenging phase of every woman’s life. Once a pregnancy test reads positive, extra care and attention is been given to both the woman and they child she is carrying. The woman on the other hand is at this point most conscious of the child’s safe delivery.

For Alexandra Kinova, giving birth has not been an easy experience and so, she had to be extra careful with this one. She had assumed that this pregnancy will not be any easy – judging from her last experience and so, she sees this pregnancy as a very big challenge. But she is very ready to go through it one more time.

Having Great Expectations

Even for woman who has gone through child birth before, a new pregnancy comes with its own unpleasant times. Alexandra had been occupied with the thoughts of what is coming up in the next few months of her pregnancy although she is conversant with the phases of pregnancy. The expectations of each month keep her both anxious and worried at the same time.

The pain of labor is gradually taking over Alexandra Kinova despite the fact she has been through the same pain labor and contractions in her first child birth. However, she is determined to be strong and prepare her mind for what is to come with this pregnancy but the harder she try, the harder it is for her to maintain a stress –free mind. She had no clue that this pregnancy will forever change their life.

Doing It Together

For going through the pain of labor the second time after experiencing the first one, Alexander needs all the love and support she can get from close relatives especially the husband Antonin and the love and admiration from Antonin Kroscen was an encouraging factor. If only the second pregnant will be less complicated – they hoped because life in Milovice, Czech Republic is not all that nice.

Milovice has been a small and quite city with little or no international media coverage but Alexandra’s pregnancy made the difference. When Alexandra got pregnant and is approaching her delivery time, the city became a highlight for both local and international media as the home of Alex and Antonin. They are been considered the most influential couple in the city even before the third trimester of Alexandra’s pregnancy.

The Perfect Match

Taking care of their baby (Alexandra’s first child) while planning for the one also proved challenging for the couple but this is what they are determined to do since they have decided to expand the family and watch their firstborn grow up. Alex and Antonin are charged with the responsibility of parenting and expanding the family at the same time.

The expectation of the couple was to have a daughter since they already have a son. They hope that having a daughter will complete the family but Alexandra is having a strange feeling within her, she does not understand why she is so anxious to get pregnant. She just can’t wait to watch and experience as things unfold in her pregnancy journey.