Meet the Most Scandalous Children of U.S. Presidents

No matter which history book you go through, there will be stories about some very scandalous and mischievous First Children who got their families into trouble. The children of American presidents have been involved in many controversies for centuries. However, let’s not ignore the fact that most of the ‘shocking details’ of their antics were blown out of proportion.

We couldn’t help but sympathize with the First Kids as they are so heavily and intensely scrutinized that most of them indulge in weird activities only out of frustration. Presidential clans are constantly under pressure, and usually, it gets to their children who end up paying the price of constant monitoring. So, today, we will introduce fifteen of the most scandalous and controversy-mongering First Kids. But, don’t think that any of them were bad people. They were just the victims of their circumstances. So, let’s get started.

President Joe Biden’s Son, Hunter Biden…. Oy vey!

Believe it or not, Hunter Biden, current US president Joe Biden’s son, had an affair with his sister-in-law-Hallie Biden. The two dated for several years after Hallie’s husband, Beau, died in 2015. At that time, Hunter had separated from his ex-wife Kathleen, and the latter had filed for a divorce. According to Hunter, the two got romantically linked in Los Angeles while he was “recovering from a weeklong crack binge,” and their relationship grew stronger during a trip to the Hamptons.

Hunter Biden also got dishonorably discharge from the U.S. Navy Reserve for testing positive for cocaine. He then went on to impregnant a stripper and tried to denied it until he was forced to take a paternity test. And then there’s the famous “laptop” that he forgot at the repair shop; bribes deals from Ukraine and China that allocated a 20% cut for “the big guy” and let’s not forget about all the photos of Hunter smoking crack with hookers. No wonder the media buried this “laptop” news weeks before the 2020 election.

Theodore Roosevelt’s Daughter Played with Pet Snake and Burned Voodoo Doll

Historians have a strong consensus that Alice Roosevelt, the daughter of US president Theodore Roosevelt, was the wildest First Kid they have ever seen or heard about. Her father once even said that it was too difficult for him to run a country and take care of Alice simultaneously.

“I can run the country or attend to Alice. I cannot possibly do both,” the president had remarked, hinting at how difficult it was to handle Alice’s mischiefs. When women fought for equal rights and voting rights, Alice Roosevelt was involved in anti-social activities such as gambling, playing with guns, and chewing gum in public gatherings. She regularly went about town holding her pet snake. She partied a lot but was also concerned about politics. Reportedly, she burned a voodoo doll in the White House to welcome First Lady Nelly Taft.

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